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  1. Ah. Ok. Thanks for the clarification. Either way, me ELM is now soldered and sorted. :-) I'll install Windows on a partition on my Mac tonight, and try it out on my Mondeo tomorrow. As it's a Mk4, introduced around the same time as the Focus Mk2.5, my gut feeling says there's a good chance I'm in for much of the same fun you lot have got with the software.
  2. Thanks. At first, I was wondering if I needed one with a third state (the involved wires completely disconnected) as well, or if it was enough with just two states, but found out the former of the two was what I needed by reading this thread a bit more thoroughly.
  3. So just to clarify, I need a DPDT switch, and not a DPST, right?
  4. Hm… Am I right in thinking the software and modded ELM device will work on a Mondeo Mk4? If so, am I right in guessing it's only a matter of rock'n'roll using the same connector modifications?
  5. 2.0 TDCi? Either one of the 8th or 9th on the list in the link mintalkin posted would be likely candidates to fit the bill, as long as it's emissions stage III or IV. Not sure if they come with the rubber grommets, but they can be had for a few quid at any Ford parts shop. I had to buy a couple of them when I bought mine second hand.
  6. Wheel Alignment

    I have to agree. When I bought my MkII, I knew little about alignment, and drove with the wheel at an angle for the two years I had it. :P I did do alignment with my Renault Laguna, but had to do so quite often, due to the track rod ends excessively wearing. Now, that I'm back to Mondeo, this time in a MkIV, the slanted wheel was so unnatural after picking it up from the used car dealership, I gave my tyre garage free reins. I'm glad I did, because not only is the steering wheel straight now, but also, the ESP is much less nervous on wet roads, mostly because I decided to get all four wheels done, just instead of two, but also in part because one of the rims was bent, and I got the aluminium repaired. My tyre specialist uses state of the art equipment, including laser tracking, computer balancing, etc., so they'll deffo find any issues that might arise.
  7. Sweeping Dials Problem

    If you don't have a voltmeter or multimeter in your toolbox, you could try checking the trip computer's built-in diagnostics. Insert the ignition key, and then hold the OK button on the steering wheel down while you turn on the ignition (but not the engine). Keep the OK button down until you see the diagnostics screen appear, then let go. Then, use the trip computer buttons (up and down, if memory serves right) to scroll your way to the voltmeter. The vehicle voltage should be somewhere between 12.5 and 14 volts with the engine off. Mine's about 11 volts, so I'm considering replacing the battery (but then again, I'm adding some power-hungry amplifiers, so perhaps I should get a high-output alternator too)