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  1. Abs Light On

    Presumably they might have used an improved instrument board for your model so my problem might not have been the same. I had the ABS light on intermittently as well as the Brake light, sometimes both on. Regards Stuart
  2. Abs Light On

    I had intermittent ABS and Brake lights indicating for a number of months but the local dealer failed to find anything when checked. Finally I had them check when Brake light was on permanently and they found the instrument board was faulty (apparently there was a recall shortly after the car was built) and they replaced it under the warranty I had with them - car bought from them. From reading here I knew this was a possibility and that perhaps they were just stalling. The car is a 2004 LX and the cost would have been between £400 - £500. Regards Stuart
  3. Focus Lx 2004 Abs And Brake Lights Errors

    Thanks, it is parked on flat ground - perhaps I'll try leaving the handbrake off in future. Stuart
  4. Hi all OK, first post although I've been reading the forum for about a year and haven't felt the need to join in but I have learnt a lot so thanks. My 2004 LX has had some issues with the ABS light and also the Brake Warning light coming on, often associated with damp weather. The car is under a warranty from a Ford dealer but whenever they have checked they have found nothing. The current issue is that the Brake Warning light comes on alone and seems to be associated with the handbrake - handbrake on, light on, handbrake off light off. I have read about the instrument panel and the sensors perhaps causing problems. Any thoughts as to what it is likely to be and how I can demand to have this rectified. Perhaps a contributing factor is that it tends to not be used as frequently as I would like. Regards Stuart J