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  1. Thanks. Does make me wonder if they've put the wrong loom in.
  2. I don't know if the loom was replaced but the autoelectrician in his report says its the incorrect loom for the car so I'd assume so.
  3. And the mot garage who I've used for years, their account kind of backs the auto electrician up. That it wasnt a bulb and they couldn't find a snapped wire and that it was beyond their capability. Original garage reckon it must have been a bulb or a snapped wire.
  4. Well someone is not being honest and I don't know who. Original garage say it is the correct door and Ford have confirmed it. Its brand new door but manufactured in 2008. I believe that. But then I say well you didnt wire it in. They're saying its impossible to not wire it in. That its multi port plugs and if one thing is wired in (ie, window, central locking) then everything is wired in. They say that the port can't be put in upside down, etc and that there would never be any need for bridging wiring. They've heavily suggested to me that the auto electrician is trying it on with me. But he came across as very honest. Took photos, wrote a report saying it was an incorrect door loom fitted. He also said that if anyone had a look at the car now they'd be able to see the bridging wiring. Original garage have said they'll take a look at it themselves if they have to.
  5. Thanks. Will argue that they caused the problem by not connecting it up, because they hadn't. See how it goes.
  6. I'll ring the insurance company when they open tomorrow but what I'm trying to find out is if it is a sub standard repair? Insurance company are just going to ring the garage who I think will try and argue that its fine.
  7. I know nothing about cars but have a 2010 ford focus estate. I recently had an accident and went through my insurance for a repair. Damage wasnt too bad and I had no idea the door had been replaced but they did replace it. With a 2008 door. Which I've just found out as it failed its MOT due to the indicator in that wing mirror not working. Its cost me £150 at an autoelectrician today to get it sorted. Plus a £50 failed mot. Autoelectrician said its never worked and that the wiring is incompatible. I have photos of it all and the blue and white wire comes out the bottom of a plug on one end and then the wire in the door is at the top of a plug. Autoelectrician said they couldn't physically meet. Hs had to drill a new hole and do bridging wiring to sort it. Garage reckon there can't have been a problem as the focus model is from 2008 to 2010 and it would have been the same. My gut feeling is the auto electrician is right. Do you think he is? Either way I reckon the garage should pay because the wiring certainly wasnt connected.
  8. He is a she. ;) But yes no motorways in Lincs. Luckily am right on the border so can escape The Shire quite easily.
  9. Thanks both of you. I feel reassured, I can take it for a longer, faster spin every month no problem.
  10. I want a diesel partly for fuel economy but also because I intend to tow a lightweight two berth caravan. Have ordered a 2010 1.6 diesel estate 110. Have just been reading about dpf failures and worrying that as I mainly do short journeys I could have problems. Work is 8 miles away. First 5 miles are on a 60mph quick moving road and the last 3 through town. So fairly short journeys in the main. I do tend to do a longer journey but only once or twice a month, but it would be a return trip of 100miles. Other shorter distance journeys into town for shopping, etc same as work journey. I've had a 1.6ltr petrol car before and never went anywhere as it cost so much in fuel and really wanted diesel this time. Thanks
  11. Yes, trying to get it to be stuck when I get it there would be good but then if they give it one press and it pings out they'll look at me like I'm being stupid. :D And it would be just my luck that would happen. Hopefully like you say as its a cheap item they'll just change it. Thanks. I hate dealing with garages!
  12. Just picked up a 3yo Fusion from local dealership and first morning went to use this button to clear the windscreen but it was like it was pushed too far in and stuck. The back windscreen button works fine. Tried pressing it loads and nothing. So rang garage back and its going to be fixed next week. Then yesterday I got in the car and noticed that the button had pinged out by itself as it was flush with the back windscreen one. I turned it on and off several times and it worked fine. Then today I thought I'd try it again, pushed it in and it stuck down. Then I couldn't switch it off for ages. Then I got it off but was unable to get it working again. Then it pinged out and was fine again. If I get to the garage next week and its in a fine mood will they still look at it as something doesn't seem right.