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  1. Voice Command With Aftermarket Stereo

    Hi thanks for the reply. I already got a stereo which i had in my last focus. I believe i did get the cable for using the stalk controls. providing it is same as the one used in the 2007 focus. But will defo look into it. But in theory the voice control can still be used with an aftermarket stereo.
  2. I have a 2010 focus zetec S just bought it today, it is fitted with the standard 6000 cd stereo and was wondering if i was to replace the stereo with my aftermarket JVC stereo would i lose the voice command functions.
  3. Hi there a few weeks ago my 2007 ford focus zetec 1,6 started making a slight grinding type noise. it is now more frequent. it tents to occur more at lower speeds. brakes still seem to stop me as usuall. It sound like it comes from the rear of the car and nothing can be felt through the Teering wheel. second issue is when car is sat ideling there is a slight dip in the engine noise. its like the revs slightly drop. this only lasts for a second or 2. it has never cut out but still seems not right. any ideas at what i am looking at and rough idea of cost i could be looking at