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  1. I fitted powerfold mirrors on my last mk2 estate. It was 06 phase 1, so I had to fit a powerhold relay and stuff to make it work. I have now fitted these to my 08 Titanium. All working except - Mirror fold and outer mirror adjustment can only be done with ignition on (or car running obv) On my old car, both the powerfold and the door mirror adjustments could be done with the key out. Anyone got any ideas if there's a constant live I should have?
  2. I think it maybe hooks onto the floor Don't do anything hasty.... 😉 pm me your address
  3. Found one with a MAPCO filter AWE NAW!!! Out of stock EVERYWHERE! 😞
  4. Cheers Ned, I'll look for a Mann 😮 (Ooo Err mrs!)
  5. No mate, not the large seal around the filter lid. There is a smaller 19mm o-ring fits into the recess in the lid. It has to be the correct cross section to seal properly
  6. I see that none of the replacement fuel filters now come with the small o-ring seal. I've had a few problems as current car came with ill-fitting item. it's nominal 19mm, but does anyone have dimensions, or cross-section size, please? 3006 1.8 tdci KKDA
  7. Also check front wishbone outer balljoints. That's what it was on mine
  8. Brilliant guys! Stoney871 - That's the schematics I used to start, but was having trouble as my car's too early for them. JW1982 - Superb. That's just the job
  9. JW1982 - Many thanks, I have been on an exponential learning curve ;) I have established which wire does what, and have ordered myself a Mondeo powerfold/hold relay and holder. I'll wire up powerfold as a separate thing, hopefully triggering the relay from a Focus 2-way ISS/ mirror fold switch, pin 3 It would be beneficial if I could locate a schematic for the earliest mk2, as the wiring colours and orientation are different between mk2 and 2.5
  10. my car has this type fitted. Blue mirror loom goes to the socket on its own. Black door loom goes to the larger of the side-by-side pair. My existing wiring from armrest window switch panel goes to a beige connector, plugged in to the socket nearest the end of the motor. Can this unit be formatted for powerfold/indicator/puddle light mirrors?
  11. My car is a 2006 mk2 ghia estate (with no blinkin blue tooth either!) I bought a pair of late style door mirrors, powerfold, puddle lights and indicators. I bought a pair of door looms with 8 wire mirror connectors. These fit the mirrors perfectly, but are different to the car's existing wiring. Car has 5 wires in a dedicated loom going to the blue connector on the door module... but.. I stripped the 8 wire loom from the replacement, and the blue connector also has the 3 wires for the later door switch.(no probs, I thought as it's not connecting to anything) Existing loom has a load of wires going to a 3rd beige connector on the door module. Any advice appreciated. e.g. Mirror X-Y does not work when I tried a trial fit. Do I have to activate anything before I even try it?