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  1. I've never had a 1.8Tdci with 18mm. They've always been 21mm
  2. I've had 2 x mk2.5 Titanium estates, and neither has had washer fluid warning. I retrofitted a mk2 washer bottle. The level control is a very common part across thousands of cars, but the grommet is hard to get. I finished up paying £15 on ebay far a bottle with level float and a tail of wire fitted. I've also noticed that neither of my 2 x Titaniums had the wiring to the connector on the bottle. I ran 1 x wire through an inner wing hole and screwed an earth (under my coolant reservoir, but it doesn't really matter where) I ran the other wire across the bulkhead, poked a huge needle through the rubber bung with the main cabin wiring (be careful!) followed the side wiring to the blue connector (C111 pin 18 iirc) and tapped it in. I activated the warning light via ELM.
  3. I think they're all identical. Very time consuming if you're doing it yourself in the street. I know this. 😉
  4. I had similar, where it would go to the floor, and I could pull it back up and it would work for a while. Mechanics diagnosis was clutch concentric cylinder.
  5. Schema's Focus 2 fase 1.pdf 797967399_SchemasFocus2fase1.pdf
  6. Clutch concentric (or slave) cylinder has packed in
  7. I've had 3 or 4 mk2 estates that have all had raised back to front bars to slip crossbars into. Used them many times. A year ago I bought a mk2.5 estate (which died in September) Just bought a replacement mk 2.5 estate Neither of the mk 2.5s have the longitudinal bars fitted. Can I take them off my mk2 shell and fit them to my current car?
  8. Cheers for replies, guys! I've been trying to find out how deeply "embedded" the car info is in the GEM. I got caught out with my 1st mk2 and bought a brand new one from Ford, (£315 & vat back in 2011) and had to pay another £100 to get it programmed to the car. I initially thought about swapping the GEM from scrap car into new car, to see if it would be fooled as regards spec level, but my worry is that; unless I'm able to change to the new car's chassis number, there would be a clash. (all this for a 2nd key!!)
  9. My replacement mk 2.5 estate only came with 1 x key. I have a scrap mk2 estate and a scrap mk 2.5 estate each with 2 x keys. What would I need to change to have 2 x keys? If it helps, message me or email please. cheers, T
  10. I'm beginning to think that, when you take into account the cost of a head gasket and bolts. The bottom belt & timing belt kits could go on the donor car engine a lot easier if it's out the car. I reckon there's only about a dozen extra bolts to take the lot out. (I might pull the front off the donor car to see how easy the whole lot removes)
  11. I'm watching this thread with interest. All my previous 6 or 7 1.8 tdci cars have done exactly this. It varies between just a wee hiccup to a reluctance to sit steady at 1750 - 2000 revs. My wife's old 1.8 tdci saloon has NEVER done this, and always been very smooth right though the rev range
  12. I'm just waiting on the Torx T70 bit getting delivered, then we'll know for sure. In the meantime, I'll get the front of the engine stripped, just in case I can get away with a head swap.
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