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  1. Just popped back on the forum to have a look about and couldn't resist having a check up on your car. Lots of fantastic changes and mods, the car is looking brilliant! Keep up the good work pal!
  2. On a side note, still nothing on the car has changed. Drove it over 2000miles in 1 week when I went away for a weeks holiday in the lake district, didn't miss a beat. The splitter was somewhat an issue on them roads though!! If anyone wants to terrify themselves I recommend Hardknott pass. Quite possibly one of the scariest experiences of my life! Been busy with the racing still. A couple more rounds have passed with more mixed results. I feel I am getting quicker, but with that im having some nasty offs more and more often. Results for anyone interested: Round 6 - Whilton Open Heat 1 - Fighting for 2nd all race when on the last lap 3 corners from home I made a big mistake which resulted in the mother of all highsides: Gopro mounted to catch tracy under bike: Vivitar (my friends camera) mounted to the rear fender (this actually come out of its case!): The bike came out alright, bent bars, foot peg and a damaged front master cylinder. I however didn't come off so well. Riding injured the 140 Heat 1 didn't go any better, when lapping in 5th place a few laps in I got taken out: Lots of damage to the bike we just about got it ride able for the next two heats which were average finishing about 8th in each. Open Final - Started 14th Finished 8th 140 Final - Started 18th Finished 9th Not good results but could have been worse. Round 7 - Swaffham - This weekend went a little better, but still not without its spills! Open Heat 1 - 1st, my first ever heat win! Open Heat 2 - Starting from last on the grid finished 5th Open Final - 2nd, my best ever finish in a final 140 Heat 1 - 3rd 140 Heat 2 - 10th (Crashed out of 5th 2 laps from home!) 140 Final - 13th worst result of the year. And yep you guessed it, I got the crash on camera... Its the first time iv been collected by another rider... actually TWO riders.. Onboard me: Onboard one of the guys who had nowhere to go: Luckly everyone was ok, I know I was lucky to get away with that one with nothing worse than a few scrapes and bad bruises! And one last bit incase your not already bored of bikes.. I run a team (of 3 riders) in a charity 6 hour Endurance race raising money for cancer research a few weeks back. Brilliant event, great fun, lots of strategy and effort went in to make it through such a long race and at the end of it we came out on top! Winners of the first 6hour charity Endurance. I hope its the first of many! Heres a bit of footage from the Le Mans style start: If anyones still awake at this point... thanks for reading :)
  3. Hi Gemma, Sorry for the late reply! I have been extremely busy with my own racing, working in motorsport and also starting a new day job so havn't been on here for ages! If you haven't already got your answer this is how: You need to remove your boot interior trim piece (3 Philips screws I believe) Once removed you will have access to the 3 nuts holding the grab handle on, I think they are 10 or 12mm nuts, you will need a deep reach socket to get at them. Also be careful not to drop them, I dropped one down inside the boot lid itself and it took hours to fish out! Once they are removed you also need to remove the two number plate lights from outside, these are held in with 2 small torx screws each. (you can do this before removing the 3 nuts from inside, whichever you find easier) The boot grab should simply fall off. They do have a small layer of foam on the back of them, so this may have got stuck slightly to the paintwork.
  4. Thanks for the kind words. Makes it worth while when people compliment the car :) No updates still :( I have a set of Heko wind deflectors on the way but nothing on the horizon unfortunately. I was away racing this weekend. An average weekend I guess. Torrential rain saturday evening made it the worst night of my life. Sunday morning the bike wouldn't run, combination of water in the electrics, very humid air so wrong carb settings made it a nightmare getting it running. A new plug later and lots and lots of carb fettling it was running, just in time for practice. Results: Stock 140 Class: Heat 1 - 5th, Heat 2 - 7th (with a loose exhaust due to a sheered stud in the head, causing lack of throttle responce!) Final - 6th An ok result, and good points towards the championship, this 'should' bump me back upto 5th in the championship. Open class: Heat 1 - 2nd, Heat 2 - 3rd, Final - 3rd, Two 3rd's in 2 rounds is fantastic, and more silverware!
  5. Good question! Im not 100% sure on that one, I bought mine second hand (removed from a zs diesel) as they had only been on the car a couple of months and covered only a few thousand miles. Might be worth asking either in the fiesta section on here, or on a fiesta forum, such as fiestaownersclub :)
  6. Nott much of an update, the misses pointed out I had a headlight out last week, so Iv just fitted a set of Orsam Nightbreaker Plus bulbs which seem fantastic. Racing updates: Round3 - Went ok, not as high up as I had hoped but seemed to struggle for pace all day long, finished the final in 8th, so again a nice points haul. Round4 a few weeks back went superb. I entered 2 classes this time, 140's which is my normal class, and open class which allows for highly tuned and higher capacity engines. (Entered just for some extra track time) Heat 1 140s, finished 2nd, best ever result Heat 2 140s, finished 3rd, another fantastic result Final 140s, crashed out from 4th on the first lap, took ages to get it started after the crash, lost about 3/4 of a lap, managed to haul myself from last (23rd/24th ish) up to 14th to grab 2 points, setting fastest lap after fastest lap with bent bars and footpegs. Didn't do the championship a lot of help, but I know I can run with the front guys now! In the open class I managed a 3rd in the final to get my first ever piece of silverware! And yep, as you expected.. the camera was rolling when I threw a possible top 3 finish away in the 140s final: Lots more videos from the weekend on my channel too!
  7. Thanks! The plastic strips along the side of the doors, I bought a set of them colour coded, so no longer the plastic look :) As for the fogs, its just tint film which you apply with heat, you can find lots of it on ebay. The bootlock cover was bought from someone on fiestaownersclub forum for about £3.50. Nothing else has changed on the car since the last post, due to funds really, iv been racing a lot and lots of improvements still. Check out the youtube channel further above for the latest videos :)
  8. I attended FITP on Sunday, there was some cracking looking motors there, really enjoyed the day. Car didnt look too bad bearing in mind I had to completley wash it again once I was there. I picked up a set of colour coded door moulds and had them fitted during the day. I think they make a huge difference! Not much else planned to be honest, funds now going towards racing which is going rarther well so far. This year I hope to get a black sun strip in the windscreen, and a set of wind deflectors. Other than that not much else will change. Then next year I plan for a change of wheels, but lots of saving is needed to get what I want on there :)
  9. Also, as you may remember me mentioning, it was round 2 of the NMRRC championship. Currently 7th in the standings after what was a fantastic round 1 for me as I honestly thaught going into that weekend that a top 15 result was going to be difficult. Anyway, round 2, new track which I'd never riden before, practice went terrible and couldnt get to grips with the track, due to slow pace learning the track I couldnt get any heat in the tyres, which ment no grip! Heat 1, started 9th I think, finished 6th in what was a boring race. Heat 2, started 7th finished 6th again, closing down the guy ahead to take 6th place on the last lap. Final (the only race you score points towards the national championship) Started 12th finished 8th after getting held up behind a couple of slower riders on a track with very very little oportunity to pass on. After another great days racing, I have done the maths and IF I'm right, after round 2 I have jumped up into 5th in the championship! Didnt upload heat 1 as it was boring. Heat 2 - Watch out for the last lap effort to make up positions! Final - Again, last lap effort, last corner to gain an extra point. Please feel free to give them a like, and even subscribe! I have lots of videos, and a few 'off's' which you might enjoy haha!
  10. So took the car to Jake at True Depths Detailing yesterday for a 'Quick' going over ready for FITP. Arrived at about 8:30am to see Jake waiting with pressure washer and foam lance in hand ready for work to begin! So first step was a going over with snow foam, whilst that dewlled jake went round all the hard to get at areas with a APC and brush, window edges, door shuts, panel shut lines, fuel cap etc etc.. Then he set about the wheels too. Once the car was rinced down he went over the car with shampoo and wash mitt. Once the car was rinced off again he then moved onto fall out remover (Boy that stuff stinks!!), another rince and then a layer of tar remover. Once the tar remover had done its work we clayed the car ready for machine polishing. Jake only lightly went over the paintwork with AM glaze with the M/P because the swirling wasn't too bad and we plan to give it a full going over later in the summer when he has a unit set up. So after a couple of blasts over with the machine polisher (which I was too scared to use! lol ) he then polished a couple of needed areas by hand and then sealed with AM seal to protect. Trim and tyres finished off with Megs endurance tyre gel. Heres some snaps from the day: Lovley looking glanza in the background no?..... May be sitting pretty but the trusty ol fez had to come to the rescue come lunch time as the glanza had run out of electrisity Wish I got a pic of that!!
  11. My Fiesta So Far...

    Looks good! White cars with black roofs always win! Are the rear lights tinted? If so what did you use?
  12. Not done much interior wise to be honest, that will be last if I decide to do anything, iv fitted aux plug, radio controll stalk and scangauge II and thats about it. I played with the idea of the 'S' on the front grille but went off it quite quick :/ Anyway, just got back from round 2 of the national championship with another solid 7th result snatching the position on the last corner of the last lap! Loving the racing at the moment, really have stepped up another level this year. No more being spent on the car for the next couple of months as its all going into keeping me out on track as much as possible. Round 3 only 2 weeks away and cant wait!
  13. Cheers guys, appreciate the comments. I guess the main thing is I love the car, but when others like it so much too, it makes all the time and effort worth while :D Anyway... Round 2 of the national championship on the bike tomorow, looking forward to it, currently sitting 7th in the championship after round 1 so look to try maintain a top 10 position.
  14. Hi Martin! I'v always liked them really, never thaught I'd have one on my own car though, I only ever use it for shows/photos. Simply bought due to a huge stone chip in the bonnet, along with a small crease where the bonnet latch is (hardly noticable to be honest) but enough to bug me! Poorboys black hole is really good for covering up minor swirl marks and scratches. I use Megs ScratchX for scratches and that seems to work a treat. However nothing will ever completly cover up the swirls, other than a paint correction/machine polish. The remap completly changed the car, best £ for £ mod iv done.
  15. Cheers buddy, Appreciate it! Well a busy few days coming up, Round 2 on the bike this monday, then the following day the car is going off to Jake at True Depths Detailing to have a good going over and machine polish, just in time for FITP :) Few things have been done, professionally sprayed boot grab and door handles thanks to Paintmodz. Expect more photos in the coming weeks :)