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  1. Bloomin Dpf Regeneration

    Hi, That's true, but driving down the motorway for 20 minutes once a month will not help. On my motorway trips, in 6th gear, around 65MPH, the exhaust temp does not go high enough. So the motorway trips need to be done in a lower gear (5th) to increase the revs and the temp of the exhaust. Of course the brochure and sales people do not mention this. al
  2. New Ford Owner (Almost)

    Black Focus looks good, especially when clean
  3. How Does Start/stop Work?

    Thanks all for the advice/help. Had a longish trip today, and when I got back near to home, turned the heating controls down, stopped at some traffic lights and the engine stopped, and the light came on the dash. Started straight away when the clutch was pressed. Impressed, but still not sure if it's worthwhile. Love the car though, gets better everyday. al
  4. Soon To Be New Owner

    My Focus
  5. als focus

  6. New Focus Titanium X

    +1 there Cuke
  7. New Focus Titanium X

    Typical Car sat nav, better than nothing, quite like mine, but will still use my own sat nav when needed. You don't need the X badge, just drive and enjoy. Parking assist is great fun! al
  8. How Does Start/stop Work?

    Thanks, fair point, I always have interior heating on (too) high, love it to be hot! Will hold on this for a while, as I said in an earlier post not even sure if I want it to work. Sounds ok in theory, but... Getting to like the car more and more, is very different from the Kuga that we had before. The Kuga is a great car, and looks like the Focus is too. al
  9. How Does Start/stop Work?

    Thanks tomo, never seen that symbol before, looks like mine is faulty. al
  10. How Does Start/stop Work?

    Thanks for the replies, no air con normally, no start stop either. Not too concerned because not even sure that I would like it to operate. No warning lights or anything on the displays, just the off button which glows when it it switched off. Off topic, slightly dissappointed with the MPG so far, around 40mpg, but mostly been short cold journeys. al
  11. How Does Start/stop Work?

    Thanks Cuke, will have to be patient and wait for milder weather Also, this morning got out of the car after about 10 mile trip and noticed the radiator fan was running. Checked after 10 minutes and it was still running. Started the engine then switched off and it had stopped. Something else to keep an eye on. Lots of learning to do, but enjoying the drive more and more.
  12. How Does Start/stop Work?

    Thanks for the replies, I have been driving around a fair bit, 180 miles during the last week, it hasn't start/stopped once in all that time. Will have to look into a little more. al
  13. How Does Start/stop Work?

    Hi all, Had my new(ish) Focus for about 1 week now, 1.6TDCi. Wasn't sure if it was fitted with the Start/Stop feature, but think that it is. It has never operated yet, not sure how and when it kicks in. I have a button below the Heater controls with an A on it, it lights up saying OFF if I press it. I'm assuming that the system maybe faulty, do I need to do anything, when should it operate? thanks al
  14. New Focus Led Side Lights ??

    Thanks, just looked in the manual and it does say there are two lamps. So should I replace both with the Osram Nightbreaker Plus type, or is there a better lamp. thanks al
  15. New Focus Sat Nav

    Thanks Tony, is there a night mode? When we first collected the car the sat nav screen was very colourful, next time we tried it it was blue and black but we presumed it had changed to night mode, but it has been like that ever since. al