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  1. Strange Blowing Noise

    I don't know if you've got to the bottom of this yet, but it would seem that you have a leak on your turbo boost pipework. The turbo on the 1.8 TDCi seems to come to life quite suddenly at about 2000 rpm, whereas the 1.6 and 2.0 Which are Peugeot/Citroen engines, are more linear. It may just be a hose clip, or a split in one of the pipes, or it may be something more serious like damage to the intercooler. If you haven't already got it sorted, check over all the pipes between the turbo and the engine. If the leak is bad enough, it may even be causing the engine to lose power or smoke under load.
  2. Hello Everyone!

    Hi Lenny. I was having a look at the procedure for linking in photos and I think it will probably work with other sites as well as it only requires a URL link to the photo. I already have an account at Opera where I have a few albums uploaded, Also Facebook. I'll try the opera one and see if it works. If It does I'll let you know. If not, it'll have to be photobucket! Thanks for the info. I'll get a few pics up soon. Cheers Colin
  3. Hello Everyone!

    Hi Folks. Just found this site today after someone told me about it. I have a 2008 2.0 TDCi C-Max Zetec which I've had since July. It's ex motability and is very low milage, under 15K when I got it. Things I like are the cracking engine and slick 6 speed 'box, also the very good ride and handling. The seats are also very comfortable although I haven't done any really long journeys as yet. Things I don't like include the "privacy" glass as I think it looks daft, and it's no real benefit. Also the very poor provision of interior storage. Compared to my last car (Xsara Picasso)It is better screwed together, handles better and is quieter. The down side is less rear leg/head room and lack of useful cubby holes. The fuel consumption is averaging out at about 45 mpg which compares favourably with the Pic at about 47 although it only had 90 BHP and wasn't anywhere near as quick. It's my first Ford for many years. My last was a JPS MK2 Capri which I sold in 1979! Before that I'd had a MK3 Cortina GT and a 1.6 MK1 GTXLR Capri. I have recently been medically retired with arthritis from my job as Chief Engineer on Tugs in Sullom Voe Harbour. A position I have held for the last 15 years out of the 25 I was employed there. My Hobbies include Gardening, fishing and fixing up old cars and machinery. Also doing DIY around the house. I'm looking forward to taking part in the site and "meeting" like minded people. Regards Colin Hunter