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  1. Mondeo 2.5T

    Yep, quite a few happy owners on here
  2. Moisture Around Spare Tyre

    Been reports of the cable grommets in the tailgate letting rain water through
  3. 3 kids in the back?

    2 child seats and a booster seat, strapping in need to be in a certain sequence
  4. Timing belt change and front under tray?

    It's just missing a fixing stud something similar to this
  5. electric steering column

    Well the Vignale has electric column,so it's possible. Whether it's worth the effort?
  6. St Seat in a standard mk3

    Should fit fine. And you shouldn't have problems with airbags etc, as long as you stick with like for like ie prefacelift for prefacelift. Then you won't have any problems with passenger seat airbag occupancy Sensor.
  7. Mk4 Mondeo estate, 2.5ltr petrol turbo

    Belt driven, changed at 100k mile I believe.
  8. Does anyone have any recommendations for led replacement for reversing light bulbs. Looking for better light output as mine seem pretty puny in unlit areas( must be canbus friendly) Thanks.
  9. Van driver doesn't do giving way

    Everyday occurrence round my way
  10. To remove or not to remove

    I would try and return to factory spec.
  11. 5.0L V8 or 2.3L EcoBoost? 2016 Mustang

    Mustang and Eco boost should not be mentioned in the same sentance. 5.0 is the only engine worth considering.
  12. Headlight Tints

    Fly eye wrap does a good job, without affecting the light output too much.
  13. Mondeo Titanium X Sport 2.5

    But no lovely 5 pot burble....
  14. Ford Mustang 2016 Model.

    I delivered one to a dealer last week. Cracking drive. Full fat 5 litre., driven the 2.3 too but not a patch on its v8 big brother