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  1. Body Rumble

    Thanks for your advice guys, Im taking my car to a tyre and wheel specialist friday afternoon they have a lazer wheel balancer that apparently costs more than a brand new family car!!.....I'll keep you posted.
  2. Body Rumble

    I think its a body rumble coming from the rear but hard to tell....dont think its coming from the front or I would feel it coming through the steering wheel?
  3. Body Rumble

    No It Didn't my local garage are being really good and trying to sort the problem, They have replaced the tyre for another new one and rebalanced it....
  4. Body Rumble

    I had a new rear tyre fitted about 4 weeks ago and noticed a small body rumble when I reach 65 to 70mph, I went back to my local garage that fitted the tyre and they swapped it for another one and rebalanced the wheel and it still happened, they then rebalanced the rest of the tyres and it still happens...They have checked all the bushes and engine mounts/ track rod ends and still it does it. Anybody got any ideas.......The garage have said it my be worth having the wheels balanced while on the car?? Open to sugestions Johnny
  5. Guide To Fitting Rear Parking Sensors Focus Mk2.5

    Thanks .... I understand that live is live when reverse is selected but I also pull a small trailer from time to time and would like to turn them off? Just wondered if anybody had done it? I suppose I could always pull the wire off for the beeper when I connect the trailer. But was hoping to put a small switch up front somewhere. Cheers in advance CrinkleyBottoms
  6. Guide To Fitting Rear Parking Sensors Focus Mk2.5

    Great guide guys with so much information.......I am thinking of fitting a set of these but am also thinking of putting a inline switch in to the system to turn them off if needs be. Has anyone done this or knows how to do it? My thoughts at the moment are a small round toggle switch out of the way near the steering coloum? Thanks in advance Crinkley Bottoms(Johnny)