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  1. Hi jeebowhite, Thanks for the info - if I was to purchase the switch unit do I still need to do any soldering or is it simply a replaceable item? I think I saw the example on the CMAX section - is it the one where he used bits of a computer mouse to fix it? Very clever! ScubaSuzie
  2. Hi, Can anyone help me? I'm a girl and don't know a lot about how to fix cars and wondered if there was anyone out there who might be able to give me some advice? My boot has started opening on its own, doesn't matter if you slam the boot or shut it gently, it still opens again on its own, this causes a message to appear on the dashboard, the red light to say the boot is open along with the interior light and an alarm sounds for a short while. I've been reading some of the other forums on the internet and it appears it's possibly water ingress. I've just phoned my local main dealer and they're going to get back to me, but I can't really afford a big bill at the moment (still waiting for pay day)! Please help a maiden in distress! Thanks ScubaSuzie
  3. ScubaSuzie

    Problem With No. 2 Cylinder On 2010 Fiesta Zetec

    Thanks Stef123 and Lenny. Lenny - I can't find the thread for your answer to my question I posted when I first joined this group, about my rear seat folding down. I tried pulling up the seat bench but its stuck fast - I phoned my local Main Dealer and they had a go with one in the showroom and it appears the design has been changed so that the seat back folds down on top of the bench which is a nuisance as it doesn't go completely flat (unless you put something REALLY heavy in the back). I do believe, though, this is the only thing I don't like about my car! Having had a Peugeot 206 previously and the seat folded down flat, I do miss it - more so later this year when I travel up to Yorkshire with a load of luggage. Am even considering contacting a coachbuilder (or someone who would do this kind of work) to see how much it would cost to change the format of the seat so it will do what I want it to! Suzanne
  4. Hi Guys, I have a 2010 Fiesta Zetec which I've owned for about 18 months and recently had to call out the AA under the Ford Assist plan as my engine light appeared during the wet weather we had a couple of weeks ago. A good spraying of WD40 was the answer, which indeed did solve the problem, but decided to get it checked out at my local Main Dealer under the warranty plan. I've just had a call from the garage and apparently it just needed a new spark plug as the ceramic had cracked on No. 2. They told me that the spark plugs are due to be changed at the next service (third year) which apparently is normal, but as one is cracked, they will change all four of them at a cost of over £69 as spark plugs aren't covered under the warranty plan. Does this sound right to you guys? I don't know a lot about engines, but I always thought spark plugs should be changed at every service and just assumed they were changed at my last service in October. Looking forward to your comments. ScubaSuzie
  5. Hi there Happy New Year to all of you Fiesta owners! I'm very happy with my Fiesta Zetec - I've now owned it for about a month and am loving it, especially the colour! I have a question which I'm sure someone out there will know the answer - does anyone know what the two slots are for about the space where (presumably) the ashtray used to be on the central console? The salesman told me he thought they were for pound coins, but they don't fit. I wondered if it was possible to connect a TomTom satnav to the slots so the device can sit in front of the empty space? Thanks in advance...
  6. Thanks Jam_rs

    I'm really enjoying driving my new car. One thing that's bugging me though - when I put the back seats down in my Peugeot 206 the boot area was completely flat due to the bench being lifted up to accommodate the back of the seat, wheras, in the Fiesta, I'm finding there's a 'huge' step where the back sits on the bench - any suggestions? My Mum's Fi...

    1. Lenny


      Have you fold out the bottom rear seat section.

      Then fold down the back seat section

      It should fold flush with the boot floor then.

  7. Hi, just a quick one, as i see you have a mk7, we've recently started a forum dedicated to the mk7.

    We are only just starting off but feel free to have a look/register/post and help build a dedicated mk7 community! Theres allready a few guides and a fair bit of info on there.

    Any info/input you could give would be appreciated!


  8. ScubaSuzie

    Loving My New Fiesta!

    Thanks for the info Loz! I might phone the Salesman to let him know too!!! ScubaSuzie
  9. ScubaSuzie

    Loving My New Fiesta!

    Hi Everyone! Just bought a year-old Fiesta Zetec 1.25 in "Lime Squeeze" and love it already! It's taking me a bit of time getting used to all the features available - will be playing with it at the weekend no doubt. Am I right in assuming that once I plug my iPhone into BOTH the sockets (usb and audio line) I will be able to see the music tracks playing on the radio screen? I connected it via the USB a couple of days ago (after a lesson from the salesman) and it showed a WiFi symbol but no song info... he said that was all it did, but I'm going to dig deeper to find out... Also, has anyone experienced the miles per gallon info jumping about from 22-50-99-23-57-43 mpg? Mine was changing every second which was a bit strange and the average speed said I was doing 24mph (I was doing between 50-60mph on the motorway - in heavy traffic) and the average fuel consumption was 40.2. Can I reset these? Anyone out there know? Thanks a million folks. ScubaSuzie