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  1. TDCiST’s.... TDCi ST...

    Nah... a big dog!
  2. TDCiST’s.... TDCi ST...

    Latest mod, some beefed up security! Should hopefully stay on the driveway now! Been seeing a lot of posts of these and fiestas going missing recently!
  3. Rear Light question MK3.5

    You may need Forscan too... that’s a great bit of software! And has a dedicated forum too you can change a hell of a lot in forscan
  4. TDCiST’s.... TDCi ST...

    I think it does yes!! But I’m good old iPhone!
  5. Sync connection issues

    What Sync you running?? I had this today. my Sync unit basically became a remote control to play audio on my phone, but thru my phone loudspeaker! i fixed it by making a call over Bluetooth to another phone, letting it connect and chatting for a few seconds. been good as gold since. cant say it will fix yours but worth a try?
  6. TDCiST’s.... TDCi ST...

    Also, my new K&N arrived today, my old one is slightly bent and is caked (and I mean caked) in black crud! think my old car had a small issue of oil coming back up the intake. I noticed when I took it out the maf And feed pipes were absolutely sodden with black oil and soot! hopefully a deep clean will sort the old one, but for now, I’ll chuck the new one in!
  7. TDCiST’s.... TDCi ST...

    Update makes a couple of icon changes, seems to be a bit quicker and less buggy... no other changes I’ve noticed yet. was hoping for the Waze functionality that was announced couple of weeks back on a few forums, but think that will be 3.1 or later! files came from another well known forum!
  8. TDCiST’s.... TDCi ST...

    Today this happened! little update to v3.0 from v2.2!
  9. TDCiST’s.... TDCi ST...

    Indeed! today saw the fitting of my Sico Developments Bonnet Struts. Although a pain to fit (getting them through the plastic was interesting...) they are designed so no cuts in rubber or plastic, or any rerouting of cables or pipes are needed. They work well and certainly look the part when the bonnet is open without a stay! why ford don’t fit them as standard I don’t know!
  10. TDCiST’s.... TDCi ST...

    No, I picked it up and the tyre pressure light came on after a couple of hours. Had a look round and noticed a bulge in the sidewall. So it’s in having that done, and new pressure sensor and some little niggly bits that I picked up when I collected her
  11. TDCiST’s.... TDCi ST...

    Michelin pilot sport 3’s I believe... that’s what I have all round. apparently they can’t get the tyre tompop over the bead or something... I was less than impressed.
  12. TDCiST’s.... TDCi ST...

    Mines having the same done today clive. also, having the NSF tyre changed... but the can’t get it to pop into the rim... they’ve been trying 2 hours apparently. I now have a courtesy car......
  13. TDCiST’s.... TDCi ST...

    You won't be disappointed! the torque is phenomenal. DOne a couple of little easy mods today, changed the indicator bulbs, so now theres no horrible orange glow when you look at the car from the front or back. and ive whacked on the K&N, needs a clean however, so i'll end up swapping back to the paper filter at some point to clean it. Ordered the Bonnet Struts today too!
  14. SYNC2 to SYNC3 upgrade

    I’d heard 2.3 is out, but not v3.0 in U.K. yet.