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  1. Checked mine today. All seems in order, track names all stay showing.
  2. Keep hold of that garage for life mate!!
  3. @1979Damian shall we start a just giving page or have a whip-round? I can send u a fiver I’m sure!
  4. Bad news bud! My selector went in similar fashion on my old focus...
  5. Been there done that... and resprayed many a mistake! Lol
  6. Know that feeling all to well... still a 4 hour clean today and it’s all shiny again! And I can see what I’m about to reverse into too lol!
  7. Tell me about it! 3 times no.3 seal was replaced in 100,000 miles... my last one was a proper built on a Friday afternoon car I think, had no end of little issues with it. Electrical issues (headlights would flash brighter at regular intervals at night, causing me to go through bulbs at an alarming rate), leaks in the boot and rear door, there was a nasty whine coming from somewhere too (and I don’t mean the sound of my own voice). The steering rack I think was knackered too as it would stick in a position, normally when changing lane on a motorway, and would take a bit of force to correct and straighten back up! i binned it off before it cost me too much to fix. But anyone else I speak to has had little to no issues with theirs, so I’m convinced I was just unlucky!
  8. Did you read the link in the post above yours? It has some more detailed info in it that may help you out.
  9. Can you attach a picture? We can then maybe try diagnose a bit better.
  10. I had a similar problem on my old 1.6 focus... but got shot of it for a new shiny one! Maybe this was the issue too as they never found the reason. Slight inclines at motorway speeds could be comical at times!
  11. I’d quite like to buy the actual kit itself to do the dipping myself! That way I can dip what I want when I want, and not worry about waiting... I can be an impatient man!
  12. Before looking at the turbo, check the hoses around it and any intercooler hoses for splits or holes. Certainly cheaper to start there than a turbo
  13. I thought it might be @simonb65 not sure if it will sort itself later? I’ve just uploaded the log file again from my last install to see if that has any effect
  14. I fitted an aftermarket immobiliser to mine... mainly to help me sleep at night form worrying it was going to not be on the driveway the next morning! (8x high value or sought after hot hatches went missing around our area in 2 weeks) thats all I’ve done, and keep the keys in a tin to block any repeater signals picking them up. it wont stop them towing it, or lifting it... or even damaging it, but for my piece of mind it was worth it.