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  1. The white is growing on me... almost makes me feel like i chose the wrong colour lol!
  2. Mystery indeed! But at least it’s now working!
  3. I almost pressed buy on a Hyundai i30n Performance… but I made sure I took both that and the Focus ST on a test drive not only in the dry but also the wet… Needless to say, after the wet test drive… I stuck with the ST… I dunno where I’d go next, I briefly looked at the AMG line a250e, but it doesn’t handle as well as the ST… I guess I’m just a Ford but thru and thru
  4. Have you taken this up with ford's customer relations centre directly? May be worth a shot... I've had mixed reviews about them, but anything is worth a try at this stage!
  5. Third and fourth just pull, the difference is insane. You can’t say the numbers quick enough as the needle moves past them lol also… just so everyone knows that’s following me lol
  6. Mountune M330 Remap installed yesterday! Blimey, what a difference! 1st and 2nd can be a bit hit and miss with it, with tyres fighting for grip if its a bit damp... 3rd and 4th are just awesome, it pulls from around 1800-2000 ish right up to 6500! Power is still delivered very smoothly, think of it as an OEM+, its how it should have left the factory in my eyes!
  7. ... Fly Fishing, by J R Hartley... Showing my age now...
  8. Inside the roof lining at the rear of the car, or in the boot lid itself is where i've had it before on two different cars. Could be anywhere tho... you may need to employ a helpful friend to pull the lever while you poke about and see what feels wet!
  9. I remember the days of 50mpg on the motorway! Mid-life crisis 2.3 turbo petrol doesn’t quite have the efficiency of the 1.6 lol
  10. Car is in for its ceramic coat now! will post some pics when I get it back!
  11. Can’t beat the 2.5 5 pot for sound tho…
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