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  1. Mk. 6 Engine Swap

    Hi all, I have a fiesta with the wide arched JWRC kit on it. Currently a 1.4, but I was hoping to put something a bit more pacey in there. Is an ST engine a straight swap or do I need to replace the loom and everything? Has anybody put any other engines in a mk6 before? Need some advice as I'm not very clued up on these sorts of things. Thanks in advance, Nathan :)
  2. my car :)

    fiesta JWRC replica
  3. Hello!

    Thanks :) And no, I didn't modify it myself. I saw it for sale and decided that I wanted it so I just went for it. Took a few friends with me who are more clued up on this sort of thing to check it out before I bought it. Like I mentioned, it does have a few little problems like the speedo being out, the button my key wont open the boot and I don't have a bonnet prop. Just gonna sort those things out over time but as for getting the speedo back to being correct I have no idea how to do it!
  4. Hello!

    Here is what I am driving... :D
  5. Hello!

    Hi guys! I will almost definitely need some help. Got a few problems, such as the speedo is out by around 10mph but I will explain more in the near future when I get used to the site (and when I'm not at work)! Thanks in advance :)