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  1. Ford Fiesta/ Focus Wheels

    for a Fiesta? what model? from what I know the only size approved in 17" is 205/40
  2. Ford Fiesta/ Focus Wheels

    195/60/15 is a size approved by Ford - I wouldn't bother with recalibration anyway, what's the point, speedo isn't perfectly calibrated anyway If this Focus is MK1 or MK1.5 (pre 2005), then the wheels will be plug & play - I actually were using my Focus's setup on Fiesta (with Eibach ProKit) this winter without any problems
  3. Cruise Control

    I don't really have enough time to write-up a proper guide with pics etc - but feel free to contact me with your email and I'll send you all the info and help what I can - without any fees :D PS. Another Fiesta from PL had CC retrofited according to this information and it's working, so definitely can be done
  4. New Fiesta St Video

    dream on - for 99% it's just a regular Fiesta with ST bodykit and interior personally I think the front is awful and I hope prelift parts will fit :D
  5. Cruise Control

    you're being silly, you know that? or is it just English humour that only some English people can follow? I PMed you my VIN - you can easily check it didn't have CC... PS. any sensible reason any of us would lie?
  6. Cruise Control

    mikester - what's not to believe - in the gallery you have several pictures of my Fiesta with plates and everything - how could anyone faka that? LOL if you need to sleep well at night I can record you a quick vid of CC working in my Fiesta as well I'll write up the guide soon, just have to get some additional pictures - I wasn't exactly reporting all the steps on the way
  7. Ford Cruise Control Pointless?

    on the contrary - braking with the engine is 100% economical - engine is powered by the wheels and you actually burn zero fuel (up to about 1,5k rpms when electronics kick in to prevent the engine from stopping)
  8. Ford Cruise Control Pointless?

    yep, that's how it works - it's clearly written in the manual you should "help" cruise control by reducing the gear and push SET- button PS. it's quite obvious Ford isn't an Audi or MB :)
  9. Cruise Control

    I personally don't think it's about threatening - just a reaction for iNath's "abusement" with AsBulit modification Perhaps this doesn't aply to UK clubs (though I'm sure it does), but in every other foreign forums I visited, all the users were more than happy to share all the information they gathered and at the same time getting a lot of help from others - quess that's the idea, at least for me. So if you're on a forum as an active user, not just advertising your company and products, you should follow this "culture" From where I'm standing pure know-how should be exchanged free of charge, period. At the same time I don't see a problem for charging for any work on other people's car or giving access to equipment one normally doesn't have. But as we discussed earlier, it definitely wasn't a case here.
  10. Leather Seats

    if you want leather - be sure to order mixed design on the front (if it's at all possible) - with inside in alcantara and the rest in leather - I got it in my Fiesta and you have good seats without any loss of comfort:
  11. Cruise Control

    Yes, it is because you had all the wires in place anyway - not every Fiesta has it by default as we now know. But, since you're selling a solution, it should definitely be complete and foolproof. Mine also disables on brake and clutch (works as described in Ford manual), but without these sensors plugged to dials the cruise control wouldn't start. My sincere proposition for you - just advertise your price on fitting the parts needed and reprogramming (75,100, 150 - whatever you think is adequate) and a much smaller fee on just modifying the AsBuilt itself for the people that want to fit the cruise control locally
  12. Cruise Control

    orcomma, Poland iNath - what I meant was: in my opinion you should write from the very beginning, publicly (not through PMs only), that you cracked it yourself and are willing to share this knowledge for £75, clearly stating that your insight is only a small piece of the whole puzzle. Then people have a clear option of buying or not, instead of keeping secrets on PMs etc. PS. description from PM (quoting PMs on UK forums isn't against the rules? we usually ban people for that or at least give them stron warnings) isn't quite accurate: 1. we needed to go over schematics and add 2 cables responsible for connecting brake and clutch sensors to the dials - so as you can see your solution isn't even complete 2. correct me if I'm wrong, but you also don't create a new asbuilt for "client's" car, but modify existing one. otherwise you would have to consider every single option from configuration your "client" may not even be aware of in his/her Fiesta and I'm pretty sure you didn't crack it all for all markets globally
  13. Cruise Control

    iNath - from my perspective - paying £75 just for the info "change 1 to 2 on xxx position" of AsBuilt was silly as this is only a small part of work needed - all this infomation does is unlocking the cruise control option in the configuration - I still had to do some manual work, fitting 2 cables, reprogramming the PCM and etc. if you'd charge £75 for a complete solution including your work disassembling everything - it would be fine. But since I'm 1000 miles from you that wouldn't be an option, right? anyway - in my opinion - you should write clearly what you're offering and for how much money (you said it's legal for you, so what's the problem?)
  14. Cruise Control

    so I'll open a new one or put in on other forums, not a problem - I hate when people are present on the forums just to make money... PS. I'd have nothing against paying 5£ or 10£ - it'd fair - but 75£ for the info "change this 1 digit in as built file" is silly, even for UK standards
  15. Cruise Control

    Update! With a liitle help from dLockers I managed to successfully retrofit the cruise control to my Fiesta - I'll write up a little guide in a couple of days. With the info i have now I can say 4 things: 1. it's relatively easy, with no more than 30-60 minutes of works overally 2. you need access to IDS (an a person operating it who is willing to go a bit of the Ford paths so to say) 3. info from dLockers was crucial and I wouldn't be able to do it without the information from him. 4. without mentioning any names, they are people on this forum who are intentionally holding back the info (point 3) to gain profit, and ask for a really substancial amount of money for a little intel on As Built file