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  1. headlight

    ok looking at my ka found some nice angel eye headlights now, i know how to change a buld etc so please people dont write comments on here about that, but i can get to 1 screw but where the other one is is coverd up by part of my bumper, do i have to take my bumper off to actuly change my lights? or is there an easier way?
  2. engine mods

    i love the look of your lights mate, where did you get them ive been looking for mods for the ka sport but cant find anything wouldnt mind a silicone hose kit but have been told id have to pay for 6 batches just to get 1 :s
  3. Ka headlight bulb changing

    ok ive had this problem, and to be honest you dont even need to open the bonnet, get your jack out slightly jack up your car on the side youer light is out so you can get your hand safley in your wheel arch and there should be a little section held on by clips or 3 screws you can simply take out, and hey persto the back of your light will be showing so you can get your hand in and change the buld, can be fiddly but better than fussing around trying to take the light out. took me less than 10mins outside halfords lol shows how good they are if they sadi its to complicated lol