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  1. there is a video on you tube which shows a smoking engine onthe smax diesel. i have the same problem and a friend had the same - all 2.2 diesels. there is a thread on here but no responses. my friend had his repaired under warranty. the video I don't know and mine - i ignore! ours was/is oil related. ford have refused to say they have a design fault funnily enough but i think it is a fairly common problem... did you get to the bottom of yours?
  2. Oil Leak/smoke?

    nobody seen this? Mine does it, my friend has his done on warranty and then this guy on youtube - all 2.2. There is a problem with the peugeot block and the connection with the ford turbo. ford won't admit the problem i.e. design fault but i don't want to pay myself for the repair...
  3. Driving On Poor Quality Roads: Suggestions?

    Got same issue and looking to change rear shocks. They are squeaking now! Any recommendations - thinking of Bilstein 19-170206...
  4. Oil Leak/smoke?

    sorry didn't copy this in. Anyone else same thing??
  5. Oil Leak/smoke?

    Someone else has the same problem. Check out this youtube....
  6. Fuel Economy

    2.2 173 tdci 36mpg average
  7. Chipping

    Save up job. Need to fix leak first.... Thanks for the replies.
  8. Is A Parcel Shelf Standard

    thought i was unique in not getting one! at least answered my question as well...
  9. Chipping

    I have read that chipping my SMAX may be beneficial. Has anyone done is and did it work. I want to eliminate the turbo lag and increase torque. How much does this cost? Cheers Charles
  10. Oil Leak/smoke?

    True to form first post say hello second post up a problem! I have noticed over the last week that there is a small amount of smoke coming from the back of the engine on my SMAX. I would say that this is not 100% of the time - no I have noticed it I pop the bonnet every time I stop - but it is worrying! My friend had a similar fault which meant a replacement pipe into the turbo (his was under warranty) with the big cost being the labour not the bit. He seemed to think it was a common SMAX problem. Has anyone else had this and if so are there cheaper remedies? I also would like to ask whether this is something that will eventually go bang? I have been checking oil levels so that I limit the risk. I only noticed by chance - refilling screen water whent he car had just stopped. I think otherwise i could have gone a long while without realising there was an issue! Any advice would be appreciated. Charles
  11. Hello

    Hi, Just found this website following buying an SMAX. Thought I would introduce myself. I work seasonally in France, in a ski.area in winter and a cycling walking area in summer. The SMAX was in my hit list to buy after some clients hired one. I thought they were brilliant. I am not disappointed although will be starting a separate thread on a problem that has arisen with mine. It's not an all singing version but is the 2.2 diesel titanium. Comfort speed etc are brilliant although I had an Omega before which sounded better - six cylinder! Anyway, hopefully I will be able to stay away from the problem pages!, Cheers Charles aka rosbifs