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  1. I guess whatever was rattling fell off then... :lol:
  2. You need to get it sorted. The penalty for not changing your address is a fine of up to £1000. Sod's law says that the time you are most likely to get pulled and need produce your licence is while it's incorrect!! If you cannot find your licence or the paper part, you will need to apply for a replacement licence too. I think you can do this at the same time as changing your address but it's probably worth a phone call to DVLA to check.
  3. Try asking another dealer in your area. Many warranty claims are down to whether the dealer can be bothered to process it and/or argue the case with FMC.
  4. Did a 750 miles round trip of the country last week for work (Hertford-Bristol-Bridgend-Birmingham-Telford-Bury-Keighley-Doncaster-Melton Mowbray-Soham-Hertford) and averaged 68.4mpg which I was very happy with! I filled up in Bridgend and reset the computer and then drove to the edge of Birmingham via M4/M5 with no traffic and averaged 72.3mpg on that stretch which was about 100 miles. Unfortunately, the next morning I had to go into central Birmingham in the rush hour and that brought it back down to reality..... Still, very happy overall!
  5. My car's going in for a service tomorrow and I'm expecting them to point out the tread on my tyres. I'm down to just over 3mm on the rear and just under 3mm on the front. The wear on the tyres is even front and rear. I have my own tread measuring gauge and check them all monthly. I'm seeing wear of about 0.5mm every month at the front and 0.5mm every 2 months at the rear so know I have a couple of months wear left in the tyres yet. I normally replace at 2mm. I checked them last weekend so it will be interesting to see what they say....
  6. The Ford stamp will help in some cases come resale time but is less important on a mainstream make such as Ford than it would be on a premium make such as Merc or Porsche. Buyers and the trade are beocming more savvy with regard to this too. In order to preserve your warranty, the service has to be done by a VAT registered garage following the Ford service schedule and using genuine Ford parts (or the Ford recommended items for fluids, etc). When I have done this in the past, I copy/print the service schedule checklist and get the garage concerned to stamp it so that there is a record of exactly what was done. Of course, your bill from the garage should say at least that genuine Ford parts were used too.
  7. I've owned nearly 40 cars over the years and get around 85% of what manufacturers claim for combined MPG. Therefore, a car with good quoted fuel consumption (eg 60MPG) will take a bigger hit in MPG terms for the same percentage drop. For example: Let's say that a petrol BMW does a quoted 30MPG. 85% of 30MPG is about 26MPG. Doesn't sound too bad. No, apply the same to a diesel Fiesta quoted at 67MPG. 85% of 67MPG is about 56MPG which sounds a lot less but is broadly the same difference. While 85% works in my case, different driving styles and driving conditions will affect this but the principle should still apply to all drivers who drive consistently. When looking at a new car or comparing your car to an older car estimate/work out the percentages and then do your comparison. Doesn't sound hideous. That's about 76% of the quoted MPG. What are you trying to compare it to?
  8. You can check on Ford ETIS but I think that there is an airbag sign above the seatbelt mountings on the b-pillar. Unfortunately, I cycled in this morning so can't go and check!
  9. Another 1.6 TDCI Titanium here with no grab handles on either side.... I have curtain airbags.
  10. Of course there's fat chance! Firstly, the fastest a car goes when being MPG tested is 56mph. As soon as you go over 56mph the MPG will start dropping. Also, the tests are conducted in wind, hill and traffic free labs. The idea of the EU MPG tests is to give an indication of how cars perform when compared to each other. It is not necessarily what you will achieve in real life. In recent years the difference between lab MPG and rea life MPG has also become more pronounced as manufacturer's are chasing as low a CO2 rating as possible which means that cars are being setup to run optimally in the exact test conditions at the exact test speeds with less and less emphasis on real world consumption.
  11. Big difference in comparing cars which a big age gap like that is that manufacturers in recent years have started gearing and engineering cars to be at their most economical as the speeds/gears that are used in the MPG tests so that they can get highest MPG/lowest CO2 possible. With a ten year old car, this would have been a consideration but correct gearing for 70-80mph cruising would have played a part too. The most modern cars (and the more economically designed the more the effect) are happiest at or just below 60mph. Also, a 10 year old Pug will weigh considerably less than a Mk7 Fiesta - Which is pretty much the size of an Escort - and weight makes a huge difference in MPG.
  12. I actually have no problem with this. Too many times you see a badly driven car and, when you get past it, nine times out of ten they are on the phone. The current penalty is clearly no deterrent to a lot of people so anything additional that can try and reinforce to drivers that they shouldn't be doing this is welcome in my eyes.
  13. It's going to be a faulty sensor or sender. Has it done it since or was it a one off?
  14. All the insurance companies and brokers that I have dealt over the years with have always said that you do not need to declare factory fitted options and accessories.
  15. Yeah, but your complaining that you're throwing money away so you drive faster to throw even more money away......