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  1. Seat Belt Help

    ok thanks guys here are the pics i took earlier...
  2. Seat Belt Help

    The middle seat belt on my back seat has too much tension and i cant pull it to use it. I have folded my seat down and undone the panel on the back to see what is going on. But nothing obvious it just will not loosen. But now my seat is down it will not go back up as the belt has got even tighter. Does anybody know how to release the tension or is jt just f***ed. If so how do i replace the thing? There is a bolt holding the belt reel in place but it is attached to a wire which runs inside the seat? I will upload a pic in a bit but in the meantime can anybody help me? I now only have one seat in the back i can actually use. Thanks in adance
  3. Brown Gunk In Oil Cap And Dip Stick

    Oh ok i will check the level tomorrow then i dont think it was low but probably didnt take much notice as i didnt know what it was for. thanks for your help though. If it running low what do i top it up with? can i just use normal water?
  4. Brown Gunk In Oil Cap And Dip Stick

    Hi when you say if im not losing water where would i be losing water from? my radiator? Where will i find that the water level for that? I can only see coolant level on the left. sorry im not very good with cars. thankyou
  5. Brown Gunk In Oil Cap And Dip Stick

    ok thanks for your help ppl :-)
  6. Brown Gunk In Oil Cap And Dip Stick

    sorry was having trouble uploading picture off my phone so have now gone onto my laptop. here is the pipe that was off along with the brown stuff on my stick.
  7. Brown Gunk In Oil Cap And Dip Stick

    This is the pipe that was off
  8. Brown Gunk In Oil Cap And Dip Stick

    Thanks i was using my phone did not see the options before. And yes think it is a breather pipe will upload picture now
  9. I have noticed today brown gunk in my oil when checking my levels, do no know how long its been like this. I also noticed that infront of my filler cap there was a pipe on the left that had come off completely. Would this be my head gasket on way out or would that pipe have anything to do with it? I have took a picture but not sure how to upload on here.
  10. Newbie Herefina

    finally got rid of my saxo and converted to a fiesta zetec. Would like to introduce myself. my name is Anton nice to be part of this group. I already have a few questions/problems. i will search for a few but 1 im stuck with i have already posted in fiesta club section. Any help suggestions please get in touch. thankyou
  11. Door Permanently Locked

    Hi i have a fiesta zetec 02 model. Other day my mate was in the back and the door wouldnt slam shut. not knowing why thinking his coat was caught or something he kept slamming it. I noticed he had pushed the interior door handle inwards by accident so its in the locked position, after i pointed this out he shut the door fine but now it will not open at all from inside or out. The door handle from outside seems to have no tension as if something has broke like a cable or something but now how do i open my door to get to the lock the have a look? Im assuming this would fail my mot right? Only way i could think of is taking off the door panels from inside but im no mechanic and not sure what im doing. any ideas or can can anybody advise? thanks. Anton