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  1. Painting Drums And Calipers ?

    Halfords. They do their own brand tin of caliper paint and a rattle can for the drums. They do a very high temp can for £7.49. The tin should be around the same price. They also do a good paint prep wipe pack. Good for cleanimg down the area before you paint. I've done all mine and they look great :-)
  2. Dmb Overlays

    I have black background and white written. Done back, front and steering wheel. Just wheels to go when I have spare monies.
  3. Mk7 Bulbs??

    Try using the search function. There must be a new thread on this every other day
  4. Cleaning Zetec-S Pedals

    Normally the same bucket I wash the car from. So what ever car washing liquid I have in. Reminds me of James May and the paint brushes for cleaning a car lol.
  5. Cleaning Zetec-S Pedals

    Lol. I used to use cotton ear buds in the interior air vents as the gaps were tiny in my previous car :)
  6. Cleaning Zetec-S Pedals

    Sad, but I use a old toothbrush and some soapy water. I even put this little tray under to catch any water lol
  7. Led Taillights - Fiesta Mk 7

    I do like the dark over all look. Like you say tho, would be interesting to see them working. Edit: I see they do overall black or red. The black isn't available until March
  8. St On Top Gear

    Renault Twingo with Ross Kemp in the boot. :)
  9. Messages

    Ah, the turn off turn on. Always works on most things :)
  10. Messages

    Only messages I've seen are the door, boot etc open. Are there any other messages that would come up besides the washer level low?
  11. A Few Mods

    Nice one! Certainly makes a difference. I look forward to a video. I just have plain plates on mine. No border or EU etc badge. Another simple mod is to upgrade the washer jets to the Focus mist ones, Lenny has a guide to fitting. Done mine last week and they only cost £6.10 from dealer. Watch you don't drop the retainers holding the heat matt thing in like I did :(
  12. A Few Mods

    Looks good mate! Bet you cant wait for the power upgrades. Very jealous. :( Looks better in white only, never a fan of stripes on a car unless its a Dodge Viper lol. From the pictures, I would change the tax disc to something like the black twist (Richbrook? - I forget name) ones from Halford's to match your sprayed interior parts, and change the number plates to get ride of the blue border :) But that's just little things.
  13. Hello and welcome. I see your from outside the UK, so answers may vary. The wheels can be 15,16 or 17" from the manufacture, depending on trim level and extras etc. All depends if you want to stick to Ford Fiesta ones or aftermarket. Certain aftermarket ones will need spacers to fit correctly. All depends what you are after. I would suggest looking through member albums for various pictures of the different types of wheels that can be fitted. I have the 17" on mine, part up a upgrade package. Try searching for the audio question, this link below may explain. I haven't read all the way through. Search for things like "speaker upgrade" http://www.fordowner...__1#entry135589 Good luck!
  14. How Filthy Do You Like It?

    Not as dirty as some. As dirty as it is, I like how you can still get a refection of the other cars in my drive. This is when I regret black. Better than white tho :)