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  1. Engine Ticking Over Loudly

    It seems Ecoboosts are well known for being rattly at idle. I've no experience with these engines at all, but a quick google brought up this as the first result which may be of help? Is it the same type of noise? https://www.pistonheads.com/gassing/topic.asp?h=0&f=129&t=1629490
  2. New Fiesta Reviews are in.

    The B&O sub goes in the spare wheel well, which is good from a space saving point of view but not so good for those of us who like a spare wheel! No doubt there is also a weight saving which helps the ever important emissions figure. Its maybe worth just going to the dealer and doing the config with them if the online customer site keeps showing conflicting information.
  3. Advisory on a 2009 FORD FIESTA 1.6 ZETEC TDCI

    This is exactly why I sprayed my Panda exhaust with black VHT lol. If the silencer has gone its a pretty cheap fix in the grand scheme of things. Exactly this. As for adding bluetooth, last I heard it cost a lot more than £100 and involved a new head unit. But things may have changed.
  4. MK5 1.25 Fiesta Zetec tuning

    We are talking about .7 of a second here on paper right? I'd hazard a guess that his Mk3 golf (possibly the worst golf ever made?) is down on power simply due to its age. If it was me I'd give the fez a full service (including spark plugs) and give the throttle body and EGR valve a good clean (and anything else that might be restricting the engine) and see where you are at. The Puma version is the obvious "sleeper" route though, and has been done plenty of times before EDIT: a mk3 gti has a paper 0-60 time of between 8 (16v) - 9.8 (8v) seconds. Engine swap sounds best option to me!
  5. Interior Rear Light - Help please

    Check you have put the switch in the right way around, and that the copper contacts have not got bent out of shape. If it is falling out it sounds to me like they may be slightly bent out of shape as in my experience they fit snuggly enough to stop the switch dropping out.
  6. Servicing recommendations

    I can't advise on a Ford dealer near you, but as someone said above its about £185. Trust Ford usually discount mine down by about £20 (though I don't do many miles). I imagine it is in the terms of your lease deal that a franchised dealer must service the vehicle. The leasing companies (and in some cases the agreements with the same company) all vary in what they do and don't allow.. It is in the leasing companies interest after all to maximise the value of their asset and leave nothing to chance with regard to parts or the servicing itself. I imagine it is easier for them to chase things up through the franchised network than through 1000's of different independents as well. I think we all need to remember that leasing is just that - you are effectively borrowing someone else car, and so they have every right to stipulate when and where it is serviced. If they have told you you must use a franchised dealer I would imagine there is a financial penally for not doing so. Its not like it would be hard for them to find out if you haven't used a Ford dealer for servicing either!
  7. New Fiesta Reviews are in.

    Sounds like they are trying to force people on to the more expensive model by restricting the options :(. I wasn't too impressed with the colour choices personally - certain colours only available on certain trim options (e.g. Blue wave or whatever the Candy Blue-like one is called). Perhaps more options will be added as time goes on (both in terms of spec and colours). Like the last version it seems the styling (inside and out) is a love or hate affair. Good to hear the touchscreen is at least practical though!
  8. New Fiesta Reviews are in.

    Interested to try one of these myself. It was between a Polo (or Fabia) and a Fiesta for me last time round. I suspect the new Polo may win out over the new Fiesta next time, particularly if they price it right.
  9. New Fiesta Reviews are in.

    We'll just ignore Ford Werke's, and in particular Henry Ford's involvement with the *****'s then? Neihl was a slave labour camp (something Ford now admit having denied so up until the late 90's and which they did everything they could to deny people compensation for). There are links to Auschwitz as well. As for Ford himself, he was well known as an anti-Semite and published anti-semitic material numerous times (The publication 'The international Jew the worlds foremost problem' is cited as one of the works which inspired anti-semitism in Germany - it was a collection of articles by Henry Ford). Adolf Hitler himself confessed to looking to Ford for inspiration, and even kept a portrait of Ford beside his desk! Of course Ford did apologise for his views, though it later transpired that he didn't even write the apology (which came at a time when sales of Ford products were falling), and it has been alleged that he didn't even sign it and his signature was forged! If you are going to criticise Volkswagen (a company that was re-established by the British after the war and helped get Germany back on the move again) then surely Ford and GM as American companies who stayed under the same ownership after the war and knowingly and wilfully participated in helping the *****'s should be equally, if not more robustly, criticised. As for emissions, some say the only thing VW did differently from every other manufacturer at the time was get caught! By their very nature modern cars manipulate engine parameters constantly depending on the conditions - VW were just blatant about it. Under many scenarios most if not all internal combustion engines will fail to meet those limits. Nobody seems to be complaining about the pollution caused just in the production process for Electric cars though, which is said to be much greater than the pollution caused throughout the entire lifetime of an internal combustion vehicle. Its no secret that the bi-products of the process of manufacturing the neodymium magnets required for the motors (not to mention wind turbines) are not only toxic but often radioactive for example.
  10. New Fiesta Reviews are in.

    Seems to me to be a big omission considering Ford are supposedly moving the model upmarket - even the outgoing Polo has proper folding rear seats! Heck, my brothers old Grande Punto had this and it was built over a decade ago! We are told the new fiesta is aimed at the like if the Audi A1 but it doesn't even match a base model Polo in this respect! In reality it's unlikely to be a deal breaker for many though, but it's certainly something I would find an annoyance when I do need to use the car to transport something big. Another weakness, rear passenger space, also doesn't look to have been addressed either. Rather than a new car this fiesta looks to me to be another facelift with a new dash :(
  11. New Fiesta Reviews are in.

    We had the Northern Ireland launch back at the start of June. No idea if any actual stock for sale has yet arrived though. I agree on the dashboard - the touchscreen looks like one of those kids tablets has been glued on as an afterthought (we MUST have a touchscreen). Rear end looks like an MPV, and personally I feel the good looks at the front have been totally ruined. As things stand, my current will be my last Fiesta (and possibly Ford). I just see no reason to "upgrade" to the new model personally, though it will be a couple of years until I change again having only got the current car (which I love) new a few months ago. Do the rear seats on the new model fold flat? On one video review I saw it looked as though they didn't.
  12. Mk7 and 7.5 gear gator

    I can't think of any off-hand, but you night be able to do similar yourself with some self adhesive chrome beading? Im also Steve!
  13. Detailing question

    Rightly or wrongly a lot of the detailing 'scene' seems to be led by marketing and gentleman's sausage waving! Im sorry, but 999/1000 people are probably going to struggle to tell the difference in finish between a £30 tub of wax and a £300 tub of wax if the paint has been prepped correctly. Granted, more expensive products can perform much better and require less effort, BUT there does seem to be a lot of people trying to justify why they paid so much for a product rather than being objective and saying 'its better but not twice the price better' or similar. I always say that so long as you are happy with the results then it doesn't matter what the brand is. I recently called someone (I know personally) a f**king idiot for even considering spending a 3 figure sum stocking up on a certain well known brand's products before having tried even one! The lure of marketing is THAT strong. Places like detailingworld are great for getting samples (sometimes members will buy a more expensive product and decant it for multiple people at cost as well) and even part used bottles of product in the sales section. Some of the group buys are well worth looking at too. I am lucky to have a couple of mates also in to looking after their cars, so we pass stuff around. Sometimes I like something and they don't, and vice versa. I couldn't care less if my snow foam doesn't smell of strawberries or produce a green foam! If my (100% carnauba - really? How does it spread then given carnauba is extremely hard!) wax wasn't squeezed between the thighs of 5 virgins or developed in a top secret soviet lab I don't care either, so long as it looks good on the car! When I first started the whole 'detailing' thing I used to get complemented on the appearance of my car all the time and asked to do others - the only things I had used on it were autoglym super resin polish, one of those buffer machines out of argos with the HUGE pad that cost £20 (which was so well made I had to glue the polystyrene backing pad back onto the machine with contact adhesive), a coat of FK1000p sealant (the £20 tub still isn't finished 6/7 years later), some armourall tyre foam, and a couple of microfibres. The majority of what I use these days is Powermaxed or Sonax branded, with a couple of bits of autosmart and the odd rogue product I'm trying out or simply using up. Both of powermaxed and sonax are towards the bottom of the cost scale. For trim gtechniq is hard to beat for finish or longevity, so long as you do the prep 100% correctly - i also liked nanolex on Ford exterior trim, though sonar's extreme exterior trim product produces a nice finish at a fraction of the cost (and the tube size goes a long way to addressing the poorer longevity). Much like photography I feel people get too hung up on brands when it comes to cleaning their car, when the real difference in results often comes down to the technique rather than the equipment used.
  14. Detailing question

    To be fair Autoglym products aren't all that bad, depending on what (and how) you use. Many pro's started out with autoglym and plenty of people into the trade use their products daily. Super Resin Polish is a real love or hate product - it gets a lot of bad rep, but if you understand its a temporary fix rather than permanent correction it is a good product. Especially if you are working with thin paint that wont survive a proper correction. Its handy for oxidised paint as well. I always quite liked autoglym bodywork shampoo and conditioner. I'd put Autoglym with Meguiars above the likes of Carplan and demon shine (and their various brands), which are more your cheapo products. There are many, many products out there and even more in the way of marketing! Its not unheard of for one product to appear with different manufacturers labels on unfortunately, nor is it uncommon for more than one brands products to be made in the same factory (to different specifications) either. Personally I never saw what all the fuss was about with Bilberry wheel cleaner, and snow foam seems to be driven by clever marketing rather than being the wonder solution it seems to be promoted as - we managed fine without it before someone had the idea of putting extra foaming agent into a soap solution and marketing it to death!. Personally I find shampoo works fine as a 'snow' foam, but then i live in a soft water area. My advice to the OP would be to start with the basics. Get a couple of buckets and a decent mitt and treat your car to a good safe (as can be, theres always a risk when anything contacts your paint, all you can do is try to minimise that risk) wash. Be sure to rinse as much loose dirt off as possible with a hose or pressure washer (with or without a snow foaming stage) before touching your paint. Spend what you can afford and dont commit serious money until you see if you need to - as you move up the price scale for products there tends to be diminishing returns in terms of what you spend versus the difference the product makes. The exception is probably the nano sealants that are now on the market. If you can afford it get yourself a clay bar or mitt as well and use every 6 months or so (more if you live near a railway line or heavy industrial) - you will be surprised how much stuff it draws out of your paint and how much better the paint looks as a result. Most of all, enjoy yourself!
  15. Mk7 and 7.5 gear gator

    Sorry, just saw this. To be honest you can get a much better quality gaiter from eBay for not a lot of money. Think the company I used for my MK7 was called JF boots (or something along those lines).