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  1. Mondeo Mk 4 Powershift Burning Smell

    Thanks for that - sorry for the delay in replying but I keep missing emails in the pile..... I see your point, it is possible that I've 'smelt' the problem when the ECU has been part way through the DPF regen process. Interesting that the agent didn't think of that; when I happened to go in there with the smell they booked it in to check the brakes. No sign of overheating or abnormal wear on the pads and the discs looked fine!! http://www.theaa.com/motoring_advice/fuels-and-environment/diesel-particulate-filters.html Regards Steve
  2. Hi there, I don't think I've seen this issue as such on the forum. May 2013 Zetec Business 163PS estate Occasionally I get a burning smell when I stop the car. Not particular to any type of journey (urban or fast) but a pungent (organic) odour. I have once had it happen on the motorway, hit the brakes hard and it went after a bit. The garage have checked the brakes (original pads, 30% worn, 25k on the clock) and can see no sign of burning; also the discs are OK. The next suspect might be the gearbox clutches??. Has anyone had a similar problem? Also could someone please advise on the best way to 'test' the gearbox for problems??? Ta and Regards Steve
  3. Had Our New Mondeo Two Months Now. Love It!

    Thanks Mark - the plot thickens!! So, as a general question to anyone, do the Mk IVs just have the Powershift box (5 or 6 gears??) or is there another variant? And, if double clutch is a problem, have there been issues with Powershift? Obviously with the Mk V (Fusion) they seem to have gone back to sequential? Regards Steve
  4. Had Our New Mondeo Two Months Now. Love It!

    Thanks James However, is the Mk IV Double Clutch Powershift the same as Tiptronic??? I've been told that, as a non sequential box, it cant do paddles??? Regards Steve
  5. Had Our New Mondeo Two Months Now. Love It!

    Hi Mark I see the new Mondeo has (or will have for us in EU) a 6speed auto and paddles with adaptive driving options. I'm trying to find out if it is possible to fit paddles on the current 5 speed Powershift but I've been advised that it isn't a 'sequential' box? However, there are videos on Youtube which I think show a Mk 4 with paddles - curiouser and curiouser!! Regards Steve
  6. Wheel Offset on 2002 Mondeo Tdci LX

    From what I have as regards the Mk III Front Total toe 0.0mm +/- 1mm 0degrees 0' +/- 8' Rear Total Toe +2.0mm +/- 1mm. 0degrees +17' +/- 8' Which means I assume the Front toe is allowed to be between -1mm and +1mm, or -8' to +8' (' = minutes of arc, 1' = 1/60 degree) Does that help? ============================================================================================= And now back to the Mk IV Aligned on a Hunter system today which I think it has the same data as the Corghi I've used before.... And, the data they have is different from that for the Mk III and previous. But then the Mk IV is longer and wider (Ford trying to recreate a Granada??) and does therefore, I assume, have different geometry. So, for info, here is what I have found out this morning Hunter Alignment System - Ford Mondeo Mk IV (2007 on) 2.0TDCi (140PS) Data Front Half Toe +2' to +10' Total Toe +4' to +20' Vehicle set to L/R +6'/+6' Total +11' Data Rear Half Toe +8' to +16' Total Toe +16' to +32' Vehicle set to L/R 10'/11' Total +21' So it will be interesting to see what info our experts have. The average MPG is usually a good guide to whether a Mk IV has gone out of alignment!! Regards Steve
  7. Wheel Offset on 2002 Mondeo Tdci LX

    Hi there and thanks to the Controller for posting the data for the Mk III I'm currently having difficulty finding the Alignment data for the MkIV. As it is a much larger car with, it appears, a longer and wider wheelbase, I take it the geometry is very different. For example, taking the front Total Toe, I've had avice that it should be 0.0 (as the Mk III) or +1.4mm . Anyone know which is correct Ta and Regards Steve