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  1. Refitting Interior Map Reading Lights.

    Yeah I've took the whole thing out, unclipped it from the metal frame. Now I can't get it back together it's just really loose :/. Even sliced me thumb open trying to sort it lol
  2. Can anyone give me and tips of doing this; Basically I've removed the Interior map reading light, so i can change the bulbs to ones I wanted. Now I cant for the life of me get it all to clip back together and its really loose (nothings broken, bent or anything like that) Thanks :D
  3. Mk7 Drive Shaft Poundage

    Anyone know this?
  4. Mk7 Fiesta Using Alot Of Fuel.

    30 quid of diesel will get me about 200-250 miles. That's by following the milage rather then the computers average. There's quite a strong smell of diesel when I turn the engine off. To be honest I don't think the computer or sensors are works properly. It's saying 43.3 mpg and it never changes, my average mph says 19mph which surely can't be true (only time I'm going 19mph is when I'm stuck behind a Sunday driver).
  5. Wonder if anyone can help me. Ive had my car serviced, and its still using up a large amount of fuel for the journeys its doing. For example; Tonight I was coming from rawmarsh back my home address (7.5 mile journey) its used 22 miles worth of diesel. bearing in mind that its basically all open roads so hardly any stopping and starting. Its going into ford on Tuesday for them to look at and fix (then its going, lost all confidence in ford) Does anybody have any ideas what it could be so I can fire them at the dealers. Thanks
  6. Wanting To Do A Service.

    Well the previous owner skipped alot of services, I think it had its 12k service and its 24k (but done at 27k) now its on 55K
  7. Wanting To Do A Service.

    I need to phone Ford up and get a price for all the parts I need. Filters etc. Does anyone know what parts I will have to ask for on a 2010 Fiesta 1.4 Zetec TDCI ? Thanks.
  8. Washing The Engine?

    I've always taken mine to someone who can wash them. Think it usually costs me a tenner. Rather pay that than attempt it myself and have to shed out more replacing things
  9. Your Fiesta

    No, it was February this year pal
  10. Your Fiesta

    My babs in the snow
  11. Bluetooth Installation.

    My 2010 fiesta hasnt been fitted with it. Is there any chance that i can have it fitted though? & how much would it cost?
  12. Mpg Issue.

    Wouldn't surprise me is it was ragged all over. One guy who works there lives near me (he's a right tool). As i was leaving Ford, walked so far down the street (about half a mile give or take) then this 12 plate Ford Kuga come flying down then skidded off round the corner back towards Lookers. Who was it driving the car? That idiot. p.s. Has anyone else noticed, the guys who work in the garages at Ford all seem to look like smackheads or like there a few chips short of a happy meal?
  13. Superman Emblem

    Hmm, might just do that. ill post an update when i hear something back. (y)
  14. Superman Emblem

    Yeh thats what i keep finding, I had batman badges replacing my stock ford ones on my Mk5 Fiesta. Due to that one been black. Just becoming a ball ache to find them now lol
  15. Mpg Issue.

    Ah my bad. Thanks matey