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  1. actually its 5%! the tyre sidewall is measured by % of the width of the tyre....why do i know this? its cos I'm sad 😭....not realy, I work for a Govt dept who do work on tyres/cars Lenny I did like the little growing story above, very ingenious 😎
  2. Welcome to the forum! I got a cheap copy off ebay and used sikaflex to bond it on as the shape was slightly off so kept popping off on ine side
  3. Sorry a bit late but i am sure there was a wire that connected to the blue plug and this then connects to the original loom
  4. yes, all Focus mk2 wheels will fit the mk2 and mk2.5 (facelift models)
  5. guys, i was speaking to my dad is who is a mechanic and he says a lot of his customers get the screenwash mixture wrong and make it too strong. seeing first hand what this does makes me wonder if this is causing this issue. the mixture being too strong made the water viscosity slightly thicker which means the pump has to work harder and this also means the washers get clogged up. my dad uses an airline to blow the washers clear. he reckons staying to the guidelines will help or mix it slightly more diluted. may or may not help....
  6. got ya will do this tonight...no i wont. i'm off to watch baywatch tonight so will do this over the weekend or when she's nice to me!!!
  7. now i did not know there are locating pins. i shall have a look at this. with regards to the washer - do i need to take the mirror/door trim etc off to get access? i do hope they are oem mirrors....
  8. Hi Kieran the base part is loose. i can rock the mirror with ease!
  9. hi guys, the wife's purchased a Fiesta MK7 and when i was washing her car i noticed the mirrors were loose. I opened the door and took the grommet off the reveal the torq screw and thought I'd tighten it but it was already very tight so couldnt so was hoping someone on here knows of a fix? Also, the mirror caps appear to come off very easily and they are a pain in the derrier to put back on.
  10. it might need an italian tune? (thrashing it for a bit to clear out any gunk) might be worthwhile getting it tuned up - this will make a massive difference. i purchased a tuning box and this had 30 modes from mild to max and i put it on 10 and the pick up was so much better. if i put it on a 20 setting then the fuel pump light would come on so played it safe with the 10 setting - there was no way i was going to go mad max on the 30 setting!
  11. hi mate. i sold the car in august with the blanking plate still attached. i had no issues with it at all and the car ran much better once it had been installed.
  12. Lenny the 4th frame from the left on the top (medium sized one) needs to be inline with the others - looks a little lower other than that it looks ace
  13. If its in good condition then get it as mine is in white. The diffuser never made it onto the car as i put an ST bumper on in the end. I shouldn't think heat would affect it unless the exhaust is touching it Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
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