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  1. It sets like rubber but can be pulled out just as essily as silicone. I love the stuff. Sent from my SM-G965F (S9+)
  2. Sugru Sent from my SM-G965F (S9+)
  3. Most likely it's the pipework for the heating system rather than engine coolant. The engine should be fine but the heater pipework obviously needs replacing. You have 3 statutory legal options- they repair the car, they replace the car or you reject the car. Sent from my SM-G965F (S9+)
  4. Took the words out of my mouth [emoji41] Sent from my SM-G965F (S9+)
  5. Stoney871

    Taillight/Brake light issue - MK1 Focus

    Totally concur. It's a common problem on mk1's. It's a bit faffy to get to the wires and the rubber conduit needs pulling away for access. Getting it back in place after working on the wires is a pain so be prepared to have to pull the headliner around a bit. I recommend cutting the wires back a bit as they can get corrosion on them which contaminates the copper, some lengths of wire to patch in place is essential plus some shrink tubing plus teva loom tape to seal and reinforce the ares. Sent from my SM-G965F (S9+)
  6. Stoney871

    Re call

    Image deleted Sent from my SM-G965F (S9+)
  7. Stoney871

    Gear stick

    You probably need a new spring or possibly the reverse lock mechanism has gone slack and needs refitting. Sent from my SM-G965F (S9+)
  8. Stoney871

    Swap and programming instrument cluster

    The cluster is integral with the ECU and transponder chips in your keys. They need to be paired together to correctly operate. If you just bang in a new cluster then the car will not start. Sent from my SM-G965F (S9+)
  9. Definitely doable. I did it to my old mk2 a few years back. If you check through the guides thread I have one on there with everything you need listed and full fitting guide. Sent from my SM-G965F (S9+)
  10. Stoney871

    Where can I download owners manual? Sent from my SM-G965F (S9+)
  11. Stoney871

    Pats code 15 after battery change won’t start

    Code 15 is Wrong transponder key. Did they send you back the right cluster? Maybe also they may have somehow wiped the settings on the cluster? You need it looking into by an auto locksmith with all the relevant hardware to correctly pair everything back up. Sent from my SM-G965F (S9+)
  12. Stoney871

    Things I Don't Like

    Companies from Jersey and ROI will print any plate as they don't care. Sent from my SM-G965F (S9+)
  13. Stoney871

    Gear stick stuck in first gear.

    Just a little WD40 to free them up and spray grease to keep them moving. The WD40 will strip the grease out if left by itself. Sent from my SM-G965F (S9+)
  14. Stoney871

    Dodgey wheels

    A lot longer than that for sure. Sent from my SM-G965F (S9+)
  15. Stoney871

    How to remove radio trim panel...

    Nope. You need to remove the radio first using the correct keys. The fascia is held in with two torx screws. Sent from my SM-G965F (S9+)