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  1. Good choice. Once installed, try the old slippery road setting and see what you think 😉
  2. Follow up- Updated my app and location back on.
  3. The confusion concerning fuse number disparity often comes from the fact that the fusebox design between the early mk2 and late mk2 & facelift mk2 (2.5) changed.
  4. I suppose if you want to be particular about any reactions to the antivac I guess I could say that I felt a bit warmer than usual for about 12 hours after each jab but it wasn't unpleasant and certainly didn't bother me. It was more like the sensation of standing in sunshine on a cold day and enjoying the extra bit of unexected heat. Like having a readybrek glow 😄
  5. I've had both doses now with no adverse symptoms whatsoever.
  6. Noticed the same location problem after the recent update. Hopefully the next one resolves it sharpish.
  7. My mk6 fiesta as not got remote control locking,  I have a programmed 3 button key with I got off Ebay. What do I need to make it remote central locking? 

  8. Isn't the aerial mount directly above? If so check the aerial seal. Failing that check the water to see if it smells of screen wash, the rear wash pipe runs up the side of the roof.
  9. Stick with 19's, the ride on 20's will be very harsh.
  10. I normally recommend Brodit mounts but tbh the one for the mk4 is a bit lame. I just use a suction cup magnetic mount now. Combined with a phone case which has a metal plate for working with mag mounts my mount works well. Something like this- https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/353088576927
  11. If there was a bag or something that could trigger the seat pressure sensor then maybe that would cause the bag to function.
  12. Drill it out or drill a small pilot hole and use acrew/bolt extractors. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/174440304060
  13. Yep, it filters the air bleeding off from the pcv. The oil comes from what is termed blow-by and is normal as long as it's not excessive.
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