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  1. Exactly why they're useful 😂. Oh aye, they definitely aren't on correctly.
  2. Not seen one, what about a dummy obd port instead? Plenty on ebay.
  3. The engine in the mk4 ST is the Mustang variant not the RS variant. I've never heard of the Mustang variant having any failures.
  4. Less tyre surface in contact with the road due to the camber of the wheels on full lock
  5. Stoney871


    Pliers and a cloth usually work best.
  6. My wife works on a red covid ward and has done so for over nine months, next longest continuous worker on the wards to her is 6 months. She's burnt out but her bosses won't transfer her back to her own ward because many nurses either burn out after a month or refuse to work covid wards in the first place. Forget clapping for them, give them a decent pay rise and a ###$$$$ medal I say.
  7. Nah, post is fine here.
  8. Looks like the connecting ribbons for a heated windscreen. Has the car ever had the windscreen replaced?
  9. @Bannko Could you send me the installation info again please? Offered to do the install for a friend but can't locate the instructions & data you earlier sent me. P/M also sent.
  10. My mk4 Focus came with a convenient clip mount on the underside of the parcel shelf but no triangle, luckily there's loads of spares at work and the mechanics were generous with one. I pair it up with a led road flare to ensure it's visible if deployed.
  11. Prestone freezes too, I'm using Carplan Demon Freeze that goes down to -20 and it works very well. I also put 100-200ml of white vinegar in during winter as it helps to stop salt build up that turns the screen a foggy white.
  12. Just find a decent auto locksmith that can do it all in one hit for you. Be aware that many are reluctant to cut self-sourced keys as the blade metal on some can damage their expensive machines. Ring around and get quotes first.
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