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  1. All sd cards have an embedded Serial number. Fords nav cards have a licence file on them which uses the cards serial as a copy protection, if the file doesn't match the cards serial then the system will reject the nav files. There are ways to pull up the serial from the cloned card and rewrite the licence file but needs Android specific apps. I have done a couple of functioning cards for friends in the past using a laptop and an Android emulator however I think the newer cards now don't copy very well (there maybe extra copy protection hidden somewhere).
  2. It may well be the pump has gone. When my car was in for repairs a few months back the pump had to be replaced under warranty as it packed up. First symptom was an intrrmittent failure to spray and then nothing at all. Sometimes the pump clogs up if you use neat concentrated wash fluid as often rcommended in winter, it's just too thick and will clog or strain pumps as it goes syrupy when sitting in the wash reservoir bottle too long.
  3. Hi,
    PDF tutorials not anymore available?
    Giving error: "This attachment is not available. It may have been removed or the person who shared it may not have permission to share it to this location."

  4. Aye, I'm in line for promotion and part of the criteria is a degree in criminology. It was put on hold due to covid restrictions but now I can get stuck in again I have some very time critical assignments to complete. Three years of study (mostly in my own time) has been a long hard process but will be worth the efforts.
  5. Hi Guys / Gals I understand that some have had concerns as to my welfare due to my uncustomary silence. Rest assured I am still around and do look in on everything, however my workload has been horribly time consuming as of late. Hopefully i will be back to my usual (annoying) self on the club shortly. Sorry Fellas, you haven't got rid of me yet. Keep on driving and remember to keep the shiny side up.
  6. I have to leave my vehicle open for ventilation also due to dogs and I use one of these- https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/202609594088 You could just get the shortest one and that would allow the lock to engage whilst the boot is left open. That would allow the sidelights to switch off.
  7. I Can't find them on ebay any more.
  8. It's integrated into the system and can't be deactivated.
  9. Just to add to this as it seems a good a place as any- Recently I had some mug reverse into the front of my car while parked & unatended. Lower grille was pushed in a bit plus sone scuffing to the paint on the lower lip. Nothing too bad I thought until the crash sensor error popped up on start up plus adaptive cruise was disabled. I could feel that the sensor module was loose and had the naive notion it was a simple job to just have it pushed back into place- NOPE! Cue 9 days at the dealership and a £750 insurance bill !! New bracket and lower grille needed and get this- wheel alignment and recalibration of the refitted sensor were required. The recalibration itself was £250, apparently the wheel alignment and calibration are important to avoid false readings from cars in other lanes thus banging on the brakes and causing accidents. Luckily the original sensor was fine or else the bill would have been doubled. Happy now that the job is completed and the paintwork looks perfect but jeez what an expensive job for what was apparently minor damage. If I could find the asshat that did it I'd be taking £750 out of his hide for sure. Moral of the story is safety tech on cars is good but be careful as it's fragile and costs loads to repair.
  10. Translation from Dutch for other readers- on my Cmax 1600 type 2 I would like to build for fog lights, but it is the first time that happens to the car so I must have 2 lamps, wiring and a switch in my previous c max 2004 my light went on automatically in a dark environment this is also possible with the new car with kind regards, Peter
  11. Usually it's just that the hinge parts have been pinched too tight. Remove the insides and put an old plastic card (nectar card etc) between the upper and lower case near the hinge then close the case onto the card just enough to slightly put tension on the hinge parts. This should loosen the hinge a bit.
  12. If you can get the replacement buttons they are easy to replace. Pop the worn ones out using a plastic trim tool (bojo are best) and unplug the connectors. The plugs are shaped differently so will only fit the corresponding buttons. If you can't get them on ebay then a Ford dealership will still be able to source them.
  13. It was definitely not his day. He had to pay for recovery too 🤣
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