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  1. Odd Shape Sponge Under Passenger Seat

    Hello, Cheers Lenny for the information I know once I saw it that something wasn't right. I'll email that ebayer later on tonight I will also FWD the photo to the ebayer in regards to what I mean as well I'll do a before (mine) and after (TDCiST) shot!.. TDCiST if you can please take a photo of yours that would be much appreciated. Once agin Many Thanks If I don't write before hand. Hope we all have a Great Christmas and a Better New Year. Regards Stephen
  2. Odd Shape Sponge Under Passenger Seat

    Hi Lenny & TDCiST I have just been out and took a pic what what I have or have not as it now seem's? Hope this helps regards Stephen Also IF I missing a cover where would be the best place I can get one from?
  3. Odd Shape Sponge Under Passenger Seat

    Hello Lenny. What what i've got in the passenger side is the floowing. The carpet goes up so much then ends. Right under the glovebox there is nothing their apart from a lot of wires and a white box. I've got nothing covering that up If thats any help. Regards Stephen
  4. Odd Shape Sponge Under Passenger Seat

    Cheers TDCiST. That would be a massive help IF there is anything missing I can fell a trip to the garage is in order from where I bought the car from.
  5. Odd Shape Sponge Under Passenger Seat

    Just got back in from looking at the passenger side footwell under the glove box. I don't know IF I have something missing as when I checked with a flash light and could wires and a white box (possible fuse box) I don't know. If there suppose to be something covering that? IF anyone else has a ford focus style 1.6 in a 08 or 58 reg could you please take a pic of your footwell as I'm not sure if mine suppose to be like that or not!. Many Thanks
  6. Odd Shape Sponge Under Passenger Seat

    Hello TDCiST, Funny you should say that I've just came in from checking under there! Nothing seems to be out of place or missing. But I wouldn't know as I've only had the ford for 16 days. As someone wrote off my other car!. So I don't know whats write and whats wrong with the focuses. IF that sounds right!. But I will have a re-check with a flashlight after tea. Cheers again & Merry Christmas.
  7. Hello all Well this is my 2nd post of the fourm getting the hang of things now. However I have got a strange one. I have just finished off washing and cleaning my 58 reg 1.6 ford focus style. While I was hoovering under the seats I or should a say the hoover came across this strange sponge type thing. I have attached to this and I was wondering does anyone know where it belongs on in the car please. Many Thanks
  8. Date And Time Not Staying Correct Please Need Help!

    Hello Apologies for the late reply, I think SinSter nailed it on the head. I did what you told me and so far so good its only been a minute out. But a minute neither here or there! Apart from that the car is great runner no problems yet with it (touch wood). Once again Thank you for the help and advice. (Merry Christmas Too)
  9. Date And Time Not Staying Correct Please Need Help!

    Hello Andy, Cheers for that information. Strange enough it did start to happen when I tuned in the radio. Well thats when I started to notice it to be honest!. I'll continue to keep an eye on it and see what happens from their. Might use it to go to work without the radio on and see what happens. Once again Thank you :o)
  10. Hello all, I am new to this site so please go easy on me heehee. I have got a problem /fault (i think) but not sure!. I have a 2008 (58 Reg) Ford Focus 1.6 Style. The problem is the car not keeping the correct date and time both on the radio and on the dashboard inbetween the rev counter and speedo counter. everything else works great in the car starts up 1st time keeps the station saved on the radio!. The date and time are fine for a day or 2 but on the 3rd or 4th day I notice both are incorrect!. Is there anything I can do to set it right? Many Thanks in Advance