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  1. Auto Fold Mirrors

    Hi everyone, I've had my Mk6 Zetec climate for about 6 weeks now, really getting to love it, the only problem that is bothering me is the auto fold door mirrors. When the car is set to lock and the mirrors fold automatically they fold in as they should,but then they appear to want to fold further than possible and a clicking gear type noise can be heard. I haven't had the opportunity to look further into this yet but judging by the noise they make I'd better look sooner rather than later. Any ideas what this could be and how to resolve this. Cheers Steve
  2. Air Bag Warnig Light

    Hi, following on from previous posts, yet another fault developed today, driving to work this morning the air bag warning lamps lit up, I pulled over to the side of the road expecting the bag to go off, nothing happened so restarted and the light went out, but came on again after a few miles, Parked up in work, 8 hours later started car and light went out, but again came on after a few miles, not sure what will happen tomorrow, any ideas, so many faults in such a short time, the car has only done 51000 miles and is regulary serviced and driven with care, are the Gods of the second hand car salesman ganging up on me. Cheers Steve
  3. Hi, I have a 2007 Transit Connect Torneo LHD, I had a problem with the n/s/r stop and tail lamp connections, they kept touching when the bulb was inserted and blowing the fuse, unfortunately when I tried to move the contacts on one occasion I had left the lights on, this caused something to blow, not the fuse that had blown previously, I now can't find any fuse that is blown and I have now side lights. Any ideas please. Cheers Steve
  4. Mk6 Auto Lights

    Following from my previous post (suspension noise) another fault my car has just developed is the Auto light function, if I turn the light switch to auto, instead of the lights only coming when light fading they now stay on permanently until switched off. The dash displays message fault with auto lamps and wiper delay, and yes the wiper delay now only works on one speed, are these faults related and why and how do I sort them. Cheers Steve Another fault to follow.........................
  5. Mk6 Suspension Noises

    My 2008 1.4 tdci has developed a knocking noise from the suspension, the n/s/f lower ball joint was an advisory in the last MOT so I had both changed at the same time. The noise is still there, when driving I think the noise is from the front, but passengers think it is from the rear, it's a getting to be really loud now especially when driving over those raised painted warning lines on the roads. I have jacked up all four corners expecting to find something hanging off, but nothing, no excessive play to be found anywhere, nothing loose or broken, getting desperate now any thoughts. I also have other faults that have developed all of sudden, please see other posts, everything seams to be going Pete Tong for my little Fiesta. Cheers Steve
  6. Air Bag Warnig Light

    Thanks for that, it makes sense, I couldn't see anything wrong with my connectors but just splitting and rejoining them sorted the warning lamp, so top tip for me. Cheers Steve
  7. Mk6 Auto Lights

    Thank Kurt, I'll have good look tomorrow in the daylight. Cheers Steve
  8. Mk6 Auto Lights

    First thing in the morning I may well of moved the stalk, it's just taken almost 2 years to discover a feature I never knew I had, I'll try it again in the morning, I've quickly read the handbook but couldn't find anything about it. With my autolight sensor is this actually on the mirror and if so how does it get power, My screen is heated and that all works fine. Cheers Steve
  9. Air Bag Warnig Light

    Yes, any fix that's free is always agreat fix. Cheers Steve
  10. Mk6 Suspension Noises

    Well I have had a development with my mystery knocking, last friday I gained yet another fault, the plastic hose from the power steering resovoir came unclipped and rubbed against the power steering pump pully, a presto no oil, no power steering. My local dealer got me a new pipe (£43:00), the only way to get any decent access to the area was to remove the o/s headlamp, easy enough and then easy to change the pipe, it was however that when I was cleaning up the spilt oil from around the engine bay that I noticed that the front bumper bar to chassis fixing was loose (very loose), on closer examination all 8 retaining bolts were found to be very loose and the noise that as been driving me nuts was in fact the front bumper bar moving and banging, this could not be seen from underneath or from outside as the outer bumper skin didn't move with the bar. \\\\\\\\but on driving the car it was an instant fix and no more noise. Very pleased Steve
  11. Mk6 Auto Lights

    Something else strange going on with my car regarding lights, I have now owned the car for almost 2 years, today I went to work as normal (in the dark), I had the headlamps on the normal position. When I got to work, stopped the car, turned the lights and wipers off, got out and pressed the button to lock the doors, as I walked away I noticed that the front side lights were still on, thinking I probably hadn't turned the switch far enough I opened the car up again, the switch was in the off position so I turned it to headlamps and then to off again, this time I notice message on display that I hadn't seen before saying "safe home lights" or something very similar, when I got out of the car and re-locked it this time the side and headlamps were still on, I stood and watched and waited for maybe 30 secs or so then they went out. This as never happened before and didn't happen when I returned home either, what is happening here and how to I control it. Cheers Steve
  12. Air Bag Warnig Light

    Thanks for the advice, I've covered over 50 miles since checking the seat plug, I'm pleased to say I have had no more airbag warning lamps since, so very pleased. Cheers Steve
  13. Mk6 Auto Lights

    Hi, I've loctaed the sensors behind the glovebox, not being electrically savvy I have no idea how to test there operation, so I think I willneed to visit friendly autoleccy. Cheers Steve
  14. Mk6 Auto Lights

    No I haven't, why would that effect it, where is the sensor for the auto lights, my wipers are not the rain sensitive type, I've seen the screen on them and the black section behind the mirror is different to mine so I assume that is the rain sensor! Cheers Steve
  15. Mk6 Auto Lights

    Thanks for reply, I have pulled out all the fuses that appear to have anything to do with these functions but all seam to be good, are any of the relays linked to these functions? Cheers Steve
  16. Air Bag Warnig Light

    Hi thanks for replies, mine is a 4 door model, today I split the connectors under both front seats, I drove it for approx 5 miles and so far it has not come back on, previously it was getting worse comming on virtually straight away, so hopefully sorted, I'll post again on Monday when I have covered some more miles. Cheers Steve
  17. Tdci Cold Start

    Hi folks, I've had my 1.4 tdci since December and up to now very pleased, we have had lot's of below zero mornings since I bought it and the car starts very well after a few turns, however Friday 3rd of Feb the gauge showed minus 8 and after a few attempts the car failed to start , it was only when I sat back and thought BUGGER that I noticed a light on the dash that I hadn't seen before, and yes sure enough it was heater lamp warning that had not lit up before. So on waiting the few seconds for the lamp to go out tried to start it again and away it went no problem, the following day (today) it was minus 5 no heater lamp this time and the car started as normal, conclusion is that the heater plugs are not required except in extreme temps. Anybody else experienced this? Cheers Steve
  18. Tdci Cold Start

    Thankfully we haven't had temps so low since, so I'll pay more attention to what's happening next time. Cheers Steve
  19. Fiesta In Snow - Photos

    This was this Saturday in South Wales, I love driving in the snow but what the hell is this guy thinking of! Jogging in the snow !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where am I going wrong with my pictures?
  20. Tdci Cold Start

    Thanks 14" Revolutions with 175-60-14's improve the handling and allow it to corner at quite surprising speeds, and as I said earlier so reliable with the most basic technology and NO electronics to spoil your day! Cheers Steve
  21. Tdci Cold Start

    http://i162.photobucket.com/albums/t254/muskydo/PIC_0018.jpg Not sure if this as worked but should be picture of my daily driver 1983 Morris Ital Pickup with "mildly" tuned engine that catches out quite a few chancers. http://i162.photobucket.com/albums/t254/muskydo/PIC_0006.jpg This is my latest project that is undergoing a full resto which will include original engine with BMW k1200 16v fuel injected cylinder head, shown to easily produce around 120bhp so will definately keep up with the traffic
  22. Tdci Cold Start

    Thanks for all the info, it's obviously quite a technical issue, hopefully temps like -8 are few and far between as I've had no problems at higher freezing temps (does that last statement make sense?). Not sure if I should own up to this but my other daily driver is a Morris Ital pickup 32 years old and has never ever lets me down! Cheers Steve
  23. Auto Fold Mirrors

    I'll have to try this as soon as weather allows, I haven't had chance to look into the problem yet, but I find it hard to believe it's not fixable so if you get chance to try this fix before me then please let me know how you get on. Cheers Steve
  24. Cost Of New Key?

    Hi everyone, I've just had areply from local autolocker, I asked for a key the same as my original that would do everything that my original will do, he has replied with a quote of £145:00 which sounde like it may be my easiest option, will keep in touch. Cheers Steve
  25. Cost Of New Key?

    Thanks Lez, I think I finally understand the coding thing now, as I see it if I only have one key and I want a second to operate everything doors imobiliser etc. then I need to go to Ford and pay up. Am I right? Cheers Steve