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  1. Happy Birthday jack_routledge!

  2. Fiesta Mk7 Rear Wheel Bearing, Help Appreciated!

    Ok thanks! Ill have to get my friend to have a look at it, guessing it should be able to be aligned back up! Fingers crossed!
  3. Hello, On monday an idiot driving with no insurance crashed into me he hit me from the rear quarter going way to fast, his car was a write of as he bounced off me and into a barrier! Glad no one was hurt though! Didnt want to go through my insurance or the MIB because I know a body shop very well and done work is the past so it repairing it for me for only £200. Should hopefully be getting it back tomorrow! Anyway the problem I have is that the Rear wheel almost looks cambered a little bit the tracking has come back at -1.18 the mechanic said he cant see anything obvious wrong however I have since researched and looked about, and friend said it could be a rear wheel bearing or something. I know a mechanic who will do it for me when hes home just wondering if anyone has had this problem or known problem.. The car drives fine (no shaking or anything), its not a massive problem just dont want to wear the tires out to quickly! Any help would be more than appreciated! Thanks, Jack :)
  4. New Stereo Released!

    Im very interested in this! Will be keeping an eye out and defiantly looking to buy one!
  5. Fiesta Reverse Gear Is Driving Me Nuts

    Put it into reverse then take your foot slowly off the clutch with your hand on the gear stick and you'll feel it go in :)
  6. Help Its Getting Stupid Now

    Its the Mass Air Flow System Sensor has gone!! This happened to mine, it started off like this then Ford cleaned it. Then 3 months down the line it completely went and the car was un-driveable! So id very much advise you get it changed. Mine was covered under warranty. For ford to supply and fit i think they charge around £170. Probably a lot cheaper if you DIY
  7. Tapping Noise From Engine

    I have this problem on my 2010 zetec s! I thought it was tappets etc.. however its actually a bearing or something within the coolant system! It went in the other day for this reason and they've ordered the parts and its going back in tomorrow morning funnily enough to be fixed! Ill get back to you on what the actual problem is tomorrow! Ps, Its covered under the 3 year warranty :) !
  8. Fiesta Mk7 Clutch Problem?

    Ok thanks for that, I have heard/seen from a lot of people that its the gear linkage. Warrenry expires the end of this month so I'm going to be taking it down to ford this week and having a moan again! Thanks for your help!
  9. Fiesta Mk7 Clutch Problem?

    No the biting point felt pretty normal to me.. I can still drive it now only a little stiff sometimes. Ford said something to me about the clutch doesn't suppress properly or something I think?
  10. Fiesta Mk7 Clutch Problem?

    Hello! I've got a 59 plate Zetec S (Mk7) which has now done 36,000 miles, and recently I have noticed the gears are sometimes a bit stiff/notchy, especially in third where is sometimes decides to make a small grinding noise. Anyway last night I pulled away and went to put it into second and it wouldn't engage so I stopped and couldn't get it into any gear. I kept pressing on the clutch and finally got into 2nd and manged to pull away in 2nd, then it was all back to being just a bit stiff. It did go into Ford the other day and they said I could need a new clutch :(! Any help/ideas would be much appreciated! Thanks, Jack!
  11. Revving On Tick Over.. Help!

    I've got a 59 plate (Mk7) Zetec S and on tick over it revs up and down very slightly, sometimes it feels like there not enough power and it wants to stall.. I'm not sure if its a misfire or something? But it only seems to do it when I'm idle. Hope someone can help me with a fix! Thanks
  12. Fiesta Mk5 Headunit Wont Work!

    Hello.. My firend has a 1999 Mk5 ford fiesta.. he had a sony aftermarket head unit in and he upgraded the head unit to a newer one.. I plugged it in for him and was all working. However he let someone else have a look at it and they pulled it out and apparently the +12v line sparked and now it doesnt turn on. Ive tried changing the fuse in the back of the head unit. Also i ran a live cable drectly from the battery to the back of the unit and it powered on. Could anyone give me any advice, would be much appreciated! Thanks, Jack!
  13. Your Fiesta

    Shame it was raining the day this was taken!
  14. Electric Windows Mk7/8

    Hello.. I have a zetec s 59 plate (mk7/8). Firstly I want to install the one touch relay but I wasn't sure what relay to get.. does it have to be a ford one or can it just be any one touch relay? Anyone have there an eBay link for one that I can get, is it also only one touch down you can get or one touch down+up? Also my other problem is on the passenger window. When I close the window it comes up much slower than the drivers side. Is this standard or a problem? Thanks for you help in advance
  15. Hids Fitting/install

    Hello.... I bought myself some HIDs for my Fiesta MK7, however the guide/diagram it a bit confusing, there are two very short black & red wires, im not sure if these are hooked up to the battery, because on one diagram is says they go to the battery and the other it says original socket. Im guessing its the original socket as surely they need to be hooked up to the standard wires somehow, so when i turn lights on they come on? Its the H7 bulbs, does anyone have any simple guides or advice/help, would be much appreciated. Thanks!