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  1. Poor Build Quality

    Interesting you say this, as when i picked mine up there was a bulb out (only noticed half way home) which ford sorted out by picking up the car and also fixing other things they had not touched which i had mentioned... now the other light has gone maybe 1 month afterwards.... I have bought another set of improved headlights and see if they last longer.
  2. Ultimate Fiesta

    If i had that money it would go on a nissan GTR.... Still a very cool one off project.
  3. *** Fiesta Mk 7 Issue

    You have 3 year warranty with new cars and coil packs are covered yes. Had problems with my seat leon FR with coil packs and if they go they make your car run like crap... so it all makes sense.
  4. Zetec S Skirt Cap - Missing Help

    mmm after reading this i am going to go check mine on my new car and superglue the !Removed! out of them. Really dont wanna be loosing these.
  5. Just Picked Up My New Toy!

    nice one thanks for that. I dont think i will change the fogs to LED's as i very rarely use them. I have only one interior bulb in mine so that one you linked me to looks like it will be nice and bright with all the leds on it. Do you not find that the led's your using for the number plate are a bit bright? reason i ask is my old car had 2 lights and they only had 3 led's on and were bright enough.. i dont want to obscure the number plate letters etc because the sun is shining down on them... Probably being over cautious asking that!
  6. Just Picked Up My New Toy!

    Who is the man!? MARK is the man... thanks mate worked a treat. Feel a bit silly now lol. Thanks for all the replies appreciate it, looks like ive come to the right forum for help lol :) So now for the LED light's question... what are the best LED lights (style of LED) for the Interior, Side lights, and number plate lights... I had LED's on my previous car, but the style of them i dont think would give the best effect on the new car. Are the number plate lights 501's aswell btw?
  7. Just Picked Up My New Toy!

    ha i work in IT too so that is all to familiar. It is annoying me this problem though as i want to know what miles i can do on a tank.. i have got this car to save a little from my last car so would be good to know!
  8. Just Picked Up My New Toy!

    ok well if anyone has any bright ideas (on the trip comp, and the led's) then please post up, but i have to go back to the dealers anyway... One of the headlights is out. Awesome stuff.
  9. Just Picked Up My New Toy!

    Trip miles... the one that you cycle through. Of course, i am not that silly!
  10. Just Picked Up My New Toy!

    Im pressing and holding for around 10 seconds or more and nothing is happening at all... not seeing any - - -
  11. Hello again guys and girls... Just picked up my frozen white zetec s and loving it. Great little car. I have a couple of questions though.. The trip computer wont let me reset the mileage counter.. i can reset the MPG and Avg MPH but the mileage is on 1150 and wont reset, any ideas? Also can anyone link me to some LED bulbs for the interior light and number plate lights that they have used... Thanks a lot.
  12. Illegally Spaced Registration Plates

    I live in Panshanger... the land of dreams... Anyway, on topic, i would not risk illegal plates... too many mates of mine have been pulled in hertfordshire for it. They are quite hot on pulling people it seems in our home county. Each to their own though.
  13. Hi All, And The Questions Begin...

    OK cool thanks guys... much appreciated.
  14. Hi All, And The Questions Begin...

    That is all fine thanks for the replies... I am not bothered about having to switch but i am bothered about blinding others. My main reason for having them is the increased visibility at night. I would get 5k and make sure they are pointed down correctly. Projector lamps are rubbish with normal halogen bulbs i find. Can you guys advise me on any of my other questions?
  15. Hi All, And The Questions Begin...

    Thanks for the replies! I did think i posted in the right area. So the LED's dont have to be canbus friendly then? what about sidelights?