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  1. Happy Birthday markyp!

  2. Dedicated Ranger Forum

    done. just joined
  3. Should I Or Should I Not Buy A Ford Ranger

    it does(well sort of) i have got bars for mine but never fitted them. they sit under the doors, but over the rubber seals. and the clamping action holds them on the car.
  4. not sure!! would be best checking with tow bar manufacturer,
  5. maximum of mk2 sez its 2200kgs. but i have pulled more than that. the weight limit of the trailer should be on the tow hitch. ive got 2, a 750kgs and 2000kgs. depends if you have a B+E licence, if you have had your licence before 1997??? i think you should be ok to tow anything over 3500kgs. if after then its only up to 3500kgs. towing limits are on the website http://www.uktow.com/towing%20capacity.asp#tab1
  6. Gumball Rally

    ford wouldnt entertain you, best bet is speaking to a modding company, or motors tv, maybe make a show out of it?
  7. Gumball Rally

    its basically a business, (massive business) there is no way u'll get in for free, basic price was about 3k to enter.
  8. Pet Hates

    Please please dont go there mate... am a cyclist and t*ssers with that attitude should be shot. you seem to have no regards for other road users. Had so much abuse from people like you. but this will make you sick. in a traffic jam i can get there so much quicker, and it doesnt cost me £40 for a 2 mile journey. Most people that cycle do have cars, do pay road tax, insurance. but choose to cycle. I now have 3 cars and a van and pay everything up to date...
  9. Ultimate Fiesta

    cause they can a suppose. bit on the dear side tho
  10. Ultimate Fiesta

    found this think it could almost the ultimate fez. http://pistonheads.com/sales/3229681.htm
  11. FOC Age group Poll!

    25 in a march and begning to feel old now lol
  12. Jeeb's Guide To Finding Your Old Car :)

    just put my old fez reg in and it may have been scrapped, gutted to say the least. L408TCM mk3 fez T276BSN pug 306 SN52BXA pt cruiser St03LFH nissan navara
  13. Your Fiesta

    yep, but drunk the fuel like nothing on earth. wish i held on to it.
  14. Your Fiesta

    when i bought it looked pretty much the same, had a 2.0 zetec turbo. very quick car. sold when the engine let go.