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  1. Immobiliser Light Flashing

    Hi everyone. Every now & then when I start my car the immobiliser light above the clock flashes. Sometimes it stays on for about 30 seconds, sometimes a good 5 minutes. It seems to start flashing quickly then slows down until going off. It has never affected the starting or performance of the car & happens with both keys. I was just wondering whether this likely to end in a non start one day & what the likely fault is. I'm thinking it may be the key transponder reader (which I'm guessing is in the ignition switch), but surely if this was faulty the engine just wouldn't start. Your thoughts would be appreciated.
  2. Ain't It Just Typical

    The trouble with bodyshop courtesy cars is that to carry out work for specific insurance companies, they have to provide cars free of charge. The insurance companies don't pay for them, so that is why they tend to be small budget priced cars. If the bodyshop in quesion didn't provide cars they would lose their approved status & wouldn't be sent work. The insurance companies have got it well & truly stitched up & before the work is even started know exactly how much they are going to pay for a job. If people demanded & got like for like replacement cars it would only serve to up the insurance premiums for everyone or even more bodyshops would go out of business.
  3. Air Con

    Thanks for that Stoney. I was hoping to avoid used parts if at all possible (cost depending really), but I may well have to go down that route.
  4. Air Con

    Does anyone know of a company that supplies new air con pipes? I had my condenser replaced and then found that one of the pipes had rotted through so I still don't have cold air! Ford can't identify the pipe as it is the old bolt on type not the later quick release type. My car is an 02 tddi.