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  1. Turbo Focus?

    id rather buy a brand new turbo than a second hand one but if it came to changing the engine it probably either get one from a running car that someone is breaking for spares or id buy a reconditioned one, ive also thought about souring a puma racing engine
  2. Turbo Focus?

    thanks mate yeh im considering going down the route of an st170 convertion ;)
  3. Turbo Focus?

    alrite folks :D Im thinking of putting a turbo on my focus, its a 1.4 zetec 2000 (w) i cant find any that are specifically for a 1.4, so i was wondering if there are any turbos that would fit it IE; Rs/St or a different manufacturer now i know in the long run it would be more cost effective to buy a larger engine model but i really love this car and i dont want to change the engine any info you could give me would be much appreciated :)
  4. Focus

    some pictures of my focus :)