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  1. Interior Light

    Although I really like the sunglasses holder I'm not brave enough to start cutting into the roof lining. Also don't want to replace the fitting and lose the ambient lighting. Just good to know which fitting has the same W5W socket I can use to replace the lost one. Thanks again
  2. Interior Light

    Brilliant, thanks very much. :)
  3. Interior Light

    Thanks for the quick reply, would it matter which mondeo it was? as there seem to be more mk3 interior lights available than any other model.
  4. Interior Light

    Went to local dealer today and was told I could only order a whole new fitting for £40 not just the small bulb holder to fit into existing fitting. Does anyone know if I was to buy a different ford courtesy light fitting on ebay (not necessarily fiesta) do they all take w5w and would it have the part I require?
  5. Interior Light

    Thanks for that, unfortunately I got that far myself and managed to slightly damage the fitting in the process so the fitting moves slightly upwards now as you press the left reading light. The holder actually ended up between the metal of the roof lining out of reach with every attempt to retrieve it pushing it further away. I last heard it slide across as I went round a roundabout and have not heard it since. I will contact my local dealer to see if I can sort out a replacement.
  6. The New 2012 Facelifted Fiesta

    Front cup holder has the ford ash tray, used to hold change. Second cup holder has a cup holder shaped 12v multi socket with twin usb (to charge sat nav, speed camera detector and phone at same time) Most of back cup holder now taken up with armster armrest, leaving just enough room for my phone.
  7. Interior Light

    Whilst upgrading the courtesy light to a brighter LED bulb I managed to loosen the small black bulb holder part and send it into the headlining and can't get to it. Any ideas of a part number and or where I could get a replacement, searched ebay with no success. Or cheeky question if anyone has done the mondeo glasses holder upgrade has one of the original parts they would sell?