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  1. Oh purrleeeeeezzzz. Any more staged and "cute" and I think I'll throw up

  2. My worldly wise girlfriend is having to google Bruce Springsteen because she's "not sure who he is" #goodgrief

  3. aaaaaaand the rain apocalypse is apparently coming to milton keynes, hopefully it wont reach us at the bottom of this slope, in this small valley... oh darn.

  4. Professor green? ProGreen? More like Pr-Ick.

  5. I know she's preggers but fearne cotton looks rough!!!

  6. "Black and white photo, hardly any colours!"

  7. No rachel I am not licking your forehead. Even if it is covered in chocolate.

  8. !Removed!. just dented the car.

  9. PEOPLE WHO STAND UP A LOT:have you ever had whats known as policeman's heel? (heels ache and burn like **** when any pressure goes on them) how have you dealt/cured it?

  10. that nice moment when you realise the job you hate, that has been knackering you out, has made you lose nearly half a stone in 4 weeks DESPITE you eating chocolate and drinking lager. these jeans have never fit so good!

  11. I am sick of this crappy bin job, I am a !Removed! designer not someone who clears up the ungrateful publics !Removed!

  12. Appears closing ceremony organisers only had the one cd of music so they're just going to repeat it until people leave

  13. Great. I can't even get unpaid internships now...

  14. Ear s*x: once you go black, you go deaf

  15. if anything is certain in this life, its that gatlin was the one definitely clean athlete in that final

  16. he's still a bleedin' scot in my eyes

  17. please. anyone but ohuruogu.

  18. !Removed! yes gb! Men's team sprint, what a final!!!

  19. Blimey Chris moyles has lost a stack load of weight!!

  20. love wiggo for slagging off the prawn sandwich brigade and thanking the real fans

  21. Feel really sorry for the Swiss rider

  22. That satisfying moment when a bit of road you street cleaned comes up on the Olympic cycle race

  23. It's times like these you find yourself thinking "if I hit him with this shovel, will he be dead or just very unconscious?"

  24. As I finish my day of helping to remove the weeds and rubbish from some of the Olympic cycle route I can tell you this: we are going to look very stupid to the rest of the world once they see the state of our roads

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