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  1. Hi all, I'm going to replace the standard CD player in my Mk2.5 focus with a tablet, but I'm looking for a way to connect it to the speakers in the car. I've seen a lot of cheap amps that will take a 3.5mm cable and connect to the speakers, but there's no way to change the volume without direct access to the device and I want it hidden away behind the tablet. Ideally, I'm looking for a simple amp that takes 3.5mm input (and/or bluetooth), is always turned on when the ignition is on and can be controlled using the volume controls on the stalk behind the steering wheel. Has anyone come across a device that can do this? If this doesn't work, I may just end up buying a standard single-DIN stereo without a CD player and mounting it behind the tablet and just hoping that it always comes on with the ignition and stays set to AUX mode! Thanks.
  2. Reset/mechanical Clunking Noise Over Bumps/swerving

    I get the ABS noise if I go over a bump with my foot on the brake, but this one happens regardless and is a different noise. It doesn't seem to be doing anything wrong, may well just be the traction control I guess - any way to force the traction control to kick in so I can hear what it sounds like? Thanks all!
  3. So I have this issue that happens on my 2010 Focus (1.6 petrol) when I go over bumps at speed or swerving, doesn't happen at all on long straight roads, but when I take a country road at a nice fast speed every reasonable bump will cause it. It's not the typical suspension or ABS kind of clunking, but makes a sound a bit like Kerr Kerrrr Klunck To me it sounds like a relay breaking, then clicking itself back into position and causing something else to clunk along with it. it's always sounds identical, never changes at all. I've asked the garage to look at it several times when it's been in for other reasons and they've been completely useless. First time they said "We didn't do anything about it, but maybe they tightened something up when working" second time was "We lubed up the door hinges, that might fix it" and third they just didn't bother. Decided to take it to a different garage and the guy actually came out with me but he said it was just something loose and wasn't covered by warranty so he'd have to charge me. It didn't sound like something rattling at all because the sound is always the same. Anyone else had a problem like this before? It's very annoying and has happened ever since I got the car at 12 months old. I'm going to take it back to the first garage before the warranty runs out and insist on speaking to a mechanic to see if I can convince him to do something.
  4. Problem With Aux Port On 6000Cd

    Thanks, I've given it a shot and I still have the same problem! I'm going to use a multimeter to test if there is definitely a short later on. Do you know how easy it is to get the AUX port out if there is one? Do I need to take the glovebox out? Thanks.
  5. Hi, I just got a 2010 Focus with the standard 6000CD, but I'm having a problem with it - Whenever my iPod is plugged in to the AUX port, there is horrible static hissing noise. Also, I've tested it using a cable that lets me disconnect the right and left channels independently, and with the focus even if I unplug one of the channels, sound comes out of both sides (right + left speakers). I tried it in a Fiesta with the older style 6000CD and disconnecting either channel means that no sounds comes from that side of the car. I am assuming that my problem is caused by a short somewhere... does anyone have any idea? The car has warranty, but it is quite far to the nearest garage and a lot of hassle. Do all focuses do this? or is it just mine? Thanks!