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  1. Happy Birthday Fester1.25!

  2. Festers 1.25

    thanks all its in now... just got to sort the fuel rail leak
  3. Festers 1.25

    erm whats the best way to get the engine back in? We took it out through the top but its got the inlet on now so its a bit tighter! the driveshafts are still in and the steering and aircon pumps are in the way at the bottom
  4. Festers 1.25

    Been out and got a haynes manual, but only after snaping a bolt in the A/C Pump and snaping the plastic end of the fuel rail! The plastic bit is only a fiver from the dealers but will have to be ordered in, the bolt wont be much hassle just a scrapper job.... does anyone know other engines that will have an A/C bolt the same size or is it just my engine specific? Oh and a 8mm bolt at the bottom of the intake has rounded too... ne one got ne good tips for extracting a rounded bolt? Im just looking on halfords now to find something suitable to remove it. I remember sommet called a gator grip that was like a socket that has a load of spring loaded pins inside it and they are supposed to remove odd shaped/sheared bolts. Are they still about? Thanks Fester
  5. Festers 1.25

    He-He! I thought I might as well ask on here as theres always someone with pdf versions of the propper service manuals from Ford on sites like this!
  6. Festers 1.25

    Hi All, First post on here as i have just got a fiesta 1.25 DHF 2001 (Facelift Ver), Its in a bad way at the mo as the cambelt has spun and I've had to get a new engine! I got the engine a few days ago and tomorrow im going to start to put the alternator, A/C and all that I can get onto the engine so it doesnt take as long to put in. I am waiting on a friend to help me put it into the car... so once he gets some free time he is gonna pop round and give me a hand. So to the point I am looking for torque settings for basically all the things i need to do the job successfully i need to take the bottom end off the gearbox and refit everything to the car again.... never worked on a ford so it will be a learning exp! I hope it all goes without a hitch!!! If anyone has any links for service manuals/procedurs I would be greatfull as i like to have pics to refer to Thanks in advance