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  1. Oil in spark plug chamber

    Gotcha JW .... Ah predictive text , don't we love it !
  2. Oil in spark plug chamber

    G'eve JohnW , I can't really advise you other than to say I've had the same thing happen but I think it was back when I had the timing belt done . It didn't cause me any grief/misfires though as I had it sorted with a new rocker cover gasket and have not looked back since . I hope it's not the end of the road for your motor . All the best for 2018
  3. Catalytic Converter

    Cheers for your reply Tom , all things considered I might go middle ground in terms of price .
  4. Catalytic Converter

    Belated Happy New Year ladies and gents . Faced with replacing the catalytic converter on my Mk2 Focus 1.6 petrol I want to avoid the pitfalls of sourcing another cat . I've noticed quite a considerable difference in price between suppliers online or otherwise of after market items and wondered is there a difference in the quality of materials used . Your opinions and/or recommendations , experiences good or bad on the subject are appreciated . Thanks in advance if my replies are a little late .
  5. Hi simcor , yeah I can only guess that I'd seen it on another forums site . I did a google search again myself lastnight and turned up same thing . Thanks again .
  6. Good eve all , it's been a while . I'm looking for as the title suggests , an old thread with photos of a Volvo S40/V50 engine cover which fits the Focus Mk2 1.6 petrol models . As I recall the bloke who'd posted it had done a very tasteful job of replacing the raised Volvo lettering with a FORD badge . I'm 99% sure it was posted somewhere here on the Ford owners forum and have searched high up and low down . Many thanks in advance if anyone has come across this same thread and point me in the right direction via a link . Wishing you all an enjoyable weekend :)
  7. Happy Birthday plasticpat!

  8. Water in spark plug ports

    A very big thank you to Turvey for posting that link . Those photos of the Volvo engine cover have made my day . I'd heard that there was a Volvo cover which fitted the Focus 1.6 Petrol but never saw one , thought it was urban legend stuff , I have suffered this same problem for too long myself not knowing for sure even now if it's the washer jets or core plugs (new coil + leads , set of spark plugs , upgraded jets and 3 pairs of core plugs later) so I've just added one to my shopping list to eliminate at least one of the possible causes . Yeah Ford , good sales slogan of the time these cars were made .......... "It maybe your car but it's still our baby" (until the recalls start 'flooding' in !)
  9. Power Steering Pipes

    Hi Stooge , It's for somebody else but yeah I've made that suggestion to this person , it's in preparation for N.C.T. (M.O.T. in Ireland) Cheers bud .
  10. G'evening all , Can anyone tell me if there are power steering pipes (both inlet and outlet) available as pattern parts/spurious to fit a 2006 Mk3 Mondeo TDCI and details of any suppliers of such items . Thanks in advance folks
  11. Mondeo Fluids Mix Up

    Cheers Jeebowhite . Cheers to all on your prompt helpful feedback :D
  12. Mondeo Fluids Mix Up

    Hi Stef , No I don't believe he started the car just that on pouring the last drop of brake fluid in he'd realised what he'd done and got in a bit of a panic . I've since calmed his nerves a bit with the earlier replies . Cheers all the same . :)
  13. Mondeo Fluids Mix Up

    Thanks a bunch peeps , I'll send him the er 'good news' :) Hope y'all enjoy your weekend :P
  14. Water Ingress Into Boot, With Pics!

    I was browsing the threads and saw your leak issues . I have a 2005 Focus 4dr and had this problem a few years ago . In my case the aperture in which the black plastic vent fits into on each side of the car (just opposite end to where your arrow is in the photo) was at fault . Fixed successfully with a generous helping of silicone sealant but it took a couple of attempts . Hope you get it sorted . :)
  15. A buddy of mine (non member) who drives a 2006 Mondeo TDCI has had a mishap and accidentally put DOT4 Brake fluid in to the Power steering fluid reservoir . Does it begin and end with just emptying the steering reservoir of the mixed fluids and top up with the appropriate spec fluid ? Thanks in advance folks , from him and from me :)