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  1. Ford Focus Titanium X Estate 2.0 Diesel

    An Incredible car and it really does park itself!!!

    © GPhillips

  2. New Focus Titanium X

    As i said the badge with Titanium X has been fitted with plenty of room FOC by Ford, so everyone can now get a free badge?
  3. New Focus Titanium X

    As I said the badge has been fitted with the X as there was room FOC by Ford after i complained.
  4. New Focus Titanium X

    My lovely New Focus 2.0 Diesel estate did not come with the Titanium X logo and I had to complain direct to HQ in order to get the 'Titanium X badge' added! They said the car no longer comes with the badge!!!! Why - don't they want anyone to know about this incredible car that really does park itself? The handbook is not user friendly and there is NO separate brochure for the upgraded £500 Sony Satnav i had fitted. As a result it is very difficult to use and discover all of the functions. It is so disappointing not to have speed cameras included or any way of updating the software without paying a VERY HIGH FEE to the ford dealer to do this for you! But even if you pay the annual upgraded extortionate fee you still cannot get speed cameras! WHY NOT? A portable TOMTOM is so much cheaper, comes with an 'idiot proof' booklet and for a small fee you can download speed cameras. Why can't my state of the art car, which is top of the range do the same as a cheap TomTom??????????? Would everyone reading this please pass this on and ask everyone else to complain direct to Ford HQ. Only if enough people complain will they bother to do anything, so please support this request. THANKS.