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  1. Tilt Handle Broken! Please Help!

    Isle of Man seems to be a motorists haven!
  2. Tilt Handle Broken! Please Help!

    I've had to do a replacement on my passenger seat - thanks to a rather drunken friend yanking it. Luckily for me, the wire and the wire head was still visible, so It was a straight forward swap. All you do, Is grab it with some thin nose pliers, pull the wire, (releasing the seat) putting slack to it, to clip the new handle under it, which in turn clips back down into place. Took me 5 minutes to figure it out, 2 minutes to actually do. If the wire has completely snapped and gone inside the seat, I'm afraid that would be a seat out job. As a extra note, having that broken is an MOT failure. not to mention, If you were to pop in the garage had already ordered that part, I'm sure they would do that for £5
  3. Rear Brake Disks?

    Exactly what Nath said. There really is no need for a little 1.6 Fiesta. As ghastly as drums look I know. I just sprayed mine matt black to blend in with the rest of the wheel housing.
  4. Identifying Hose

    Looking back on that photo, does that Pipe lead towards the radiator / fan at the front?
  5. Identifying Hose

    I'm under the impression thats the Crank house filter pipe. having a split won't harm your car IF this is what my suspicions believe it to be. Please do not take my word for it, as I would need more photos to 100% determine what it is.
  6. Ocd Car Detailing

    How much for a decent clean on mine? That car looks mint. Its always a shame when it first rains after a decent wash was n polish.
  7. Havn't posted in a while, and since last time I have my self a new *second hand* fiesta- I went for the Mk6.5 Facelift Zetec S model. She has had a few things done, and I myself have been hard at work improving the cars performance and look! My latest job has got my stuck and I'd love to see other people's work to maybe link me to where they bought their parts or to suggest my next steps. Basically, as some of you may know, this model comes with that rather large double din head unit, that requires 4 keys and some pulling and shoving to remove. I have accomplished that stage of the radio refit, and am left with a whacking great big whole. I have sourced the wiring loom adapters to get my after market stereo in, and have that all running. It just comes to the task of finishing the job. My question to you, is -- What fascia is best to harness the single Din radio, and hide that huge whole that's left. I have found them out there from halfords/ebay etc, but these just face it, Im sure there must be something else that needs to be used to cage the radio to stop it slumping backwards like a cage. Photos would be great if you have done this already! I will try and upload photos of my car when the site allows me? Thank you.
  8. Custom Induction Kit

    NOT MY IMAGE - Do something similar to this, but this is a terrible job... make it much better than this.
  9. My wires are12 gauge and i need to run them into the engine bay. i cant push it through either side of the car because they are so tight. any suggestions? I drive a mk6 3 door feista.
  10. Dont panic. my car hasnt been serviced in three years. done it myself. its only a stamp that helps you sell the car further down the line
  11. So recently I've installed my after market radio for £50 inc radio purchase Mid process: Almost there, dry fit: (Not yet smoothed down and finished) No that I have done this, I was moving onto the next stage of my aftermarket. To install a kicker and amp in the boot. Being a ford I thought it would all be easy sailing. But no. The wiring is all ready hidden under the carpet, into dash, Power & Remote on is on passenger side and speaker cables on drivers side. Yet it came to wiring in the remote on into the Ford's Mess they call wiring. There is no blue wire and with my wiring harness there isnt one either. So my plan has come to a dead end. I can not wire in my sub without the remote on. Wiring never used to be this difficult. My question is has anyone done this and where can I wire in my Remote on. The wiring harness is this: <here> Anyone help me out?
  12. Will A Mk5 1.6 Exhaust Fir On A 1.25Mk4 ??

    Kwik-fit. Let them look at it. Or alternatlivly, jack it up, axil stands and look yourself. Just DO NOT LOOK UNDER with your normal jack please.
  13. British Roads - I Love Them

    Yeah, the claim form has been filled in. Sending it off later today, just needed more evidence. If it becomes a court case I won't bother because the sake of a £35 alloy, £30 for tracking, £10 balancing. It won't be worth it for £75. Had I wrote more off, eg, suspension, wishbone etc. I would defiantly follow it up.
  14. Ambient Lights

    I have ran 6 green LED strips from my 12v cig lighter into foot well, front of both seats with wire to spare so it inst ripped out when the seats are moved or feet are thrust under them. They need to be switched on, but my next plan is to wire into the centre map reading light because that controls the light if a door is open or not. All I used was some Figure 8 wire (Red and Black) 15Amp (Bought from Maplins) wire for it all, soldered my joints. Heat shrank the solder welds and insulated all the set up. At night its very distracting because it causes a reflection from inside the windows which restricts view. Red may be a better colour as its a lower wave length and less obtrusive to the human eye than Green, and blue is in the middle of the two. If your adding more lights, then LEDs are the way to go, they run on ~0.01 V per LED or something minute like that, so tapping a current lighting wire is ok, but not advised. **Make sure your Negative is disconnected on the battery first before touching, tapping or introducing any new wiring** Changing the bulb is just normal procedure no ignition is advisory. Need any more info just reply on here, im happy to help.
  15. Buy yourself a Haynes manual for Ford fiesta. Tells you all you need. Brilliant troubleshooter, and assistance for small jobs you can do yourself. Had it not been half 1 I would go get mine to tell you but I will get back to you on what it says. Check inside the cig lighter that there is nothing inside it causing an arc or shorting it every time you try a new fuse.