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  1. Focus St Gauge Pod Fitted To Tdci

    hi matey i know as the other bloke said it reads off the scale still i like it ;) i used some twin armoured cable from work low resistance not to sure on amp rating though
  2. Focus St Gauge Pod Fitted To Tdci

  3. Focus St Gauge Pod Fitted To Tdci

    hi mate yes here are a few notice the one when it was on the forecourt lol come a long way ;)
  4. Focus St Gauge Pod Fitted To Tdci

    Lol thought about that one I don't think anything would fit in it once pod is fitted mate . I love the signature on your posts bud tdcist would look ace in tear window mine is a 4 door titanium with zetec s bumpers and st spoiler an skirts (when I have them sprayed) and mondeo titanium x sport pack 18" s I'm happy with it ;)
  5. Focus St Gauge Pod Fitted To Tdci

    Thanks for that mate :-) I won't have to cut the dash out as I have the storage compartment on top which is the same contour as the gauge pod may have to cut a few tabs here and there but nothing major I will post some more pics when I do it I'm working nites this week so stuck for time :-(
  6. Focus St Gauge Pod Fitted To Tdci

  7. Focus St Gauge Pod Fitted To Tdci

    I would love to make them for people but I would have to trial my design first lol I have only used household goods if I was going to make these things out I would use better meterials and take more care this is just a trial but it's all tested on the bench and works great I will write up the instructions in great detail when I get time and I still want to see what the boost readings are aswell matey but thanks for your thumbs up ;)
  8. Focus St Gauge Pod Fitted To Tdci

    Thanks mate they have taken a bit of time to complete just waiting for a few more bits then i will be fitting them i never thought about the boost and didnt know they boosted so high to be honest last diesel i fitted a boost gauge to was my 306 lol which sat at 10 psi i will let you know how i get on with the boost readings when everything is in place then ;)
  9. Focus St Gauge Pod Fitted To Tdci

    no mate just a bog standard brand but you must make sure they are a quarter sweep and have the same values as the st clocks to gain an accurate reading.
  10. Focus St Gauge Pod Fitted To Tdci

  11. Focus St Gauge Pod Fitted To Tdci

    firstly i obtained a gauge pod and gauges from eBay at £40 posted then stripped down the clock cluster and gently removed the clock hands then removed the printed circuit board which is useless unless your a bio chemist/work on space craft!! lol i then used the green printed circuit board as a template for my substitute board. i used the plastic from a dvd case as the thickness is correct for the housing and being clear you have the advantage to see where everything is when your mounting it together . 1 remove green printed circuit board 2 press the 3 pins of the original circuit board tn ti the soft plastic of the dvd case and make the impressions for the holes for your new clocks / needles 3 obtain x1 electrical oil temp gauge x1 electrical oil pressure gauge and x1 mechanical boost pressure gauge preferably cheep ones mine cost £12 each off eBay and also a sandwich plate to go between the oil filter and clock to take the readings from !! 4 strip the new gauges down as you only require the guts out of them take extra care not to damage the windings or the delicate brass mechanism inside the boost gauge 5 fit the needles through the holes you made in the dvd cover and secure the gauge mechanisms in place using there original screws 6 obtain your desired colour of led bulbs i opted for the standard look and colour so chose white for clocks and red for needles you can buy these from eBay pre resisted to 12v and at £2,50 for 5 bulbs pre wired 7 fit bulbs in the correct place on the white plastic block 8 this bit was the most tricky you will need to lengthen the red clock hands as the needles from the guage mechanism will not be long enough to reach through now. I cut them in half and added a 5mm section or cuppa chops lolly pop stick to make them longer using araldite to bond them in place (take extra care to get them straight ) 9 i had to cut the back out or the plastic casing to allow the gauge mechanisms to poke through there should be more pictures to follow unfortunately im am better at making things than using computers so I am sorry if my format is a little !Removed! lol
  12. Focus St Gauge Pod Fitted To Tdci

    hi all here are some usefull pictures if you are looking to fit a focus st gauge pod and clocks to your 07 onwards focus tdci
  13. Focus St Gauge Pod Fitted To Tdci

    hi all here are some usefull pictures if you are looking to fit a focus st gauge pod and clocks to your 07 onwards focus tdci