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  1. Helppppp!!!!

    thanks for the replies i think its the window switch thats had it to be honest...... will get another when have the money and see what that does.
  2. Helppppp!!!!

    well i met the chap halfway and he said the windows were working and the dash did illuminate but they just stopped??? shall check fues tomorrow had quick look earlier but didnt see any blown??? cheers
  3. Newbie With Sierra Sapphire

    many thanks lenny, yes been looked after to an extent has it niggles but what ford dont. haha thanks again mate
  4. Helppppp!!!!

    Hi all i have a sierra sapphire 2.0 glsi on a 1992 (K) now my front windows wont go up or down at all and when my lights are one none of the instrument cluster lights up at all (idicator arrows ect and warning lights work ok) the heated controls and the clock lights up but the rest does not any ideas???????? cheers
  5. Newbie With Sierra Sapphire

    haha this one wont be towing anything ;)
  6. Newbie With Sierra Sapphire

    thanks very much :D
  7. Newbie With Sierra Sapphire

    1990 1.8!! was that the old tall block lumps (cvh type) .............. you got the comfort side right she is very comfy more comfy then my previous fiesta zetec-s, as for breaking down and the risk of it thats the fun part about driving an old ford haha, (always on edge wondering whats going to give up next!) thanks again for the welcome speak soon.
  8. Newbie With Sierra Sapphire

    thanks for reply. it is totally different to driving a modern car (zetec-s on 51 reg) but i find the old fords have so much more character and a ford would not be a ford without problems haha. and yes shall keep posted on how the tidy up goes and shall be plenty of pics coming towards this thread. thanks again mate.
  9. Newbie With Sierra Sapphire

    hi all, joined the forum when i owned a fiesta zetec-s i swapped it tonight for a K-Reg sapphire. the sapphire: black 2.0l GLSi 11 months mot 5 months tax few cosworth extras it needs some work: both rear arches and a patch on sill needs doing (hope aint to hard) rocker gasket and sump gasket could do with being done. and a general tidy up! heres a few pics please let me know what you all think cheers
  10. Newbie From North Somerset

    hi all had a present from the postman this morn!!! heres a before picture of old lights: and heres the new ones all fitted: Least i know i can see where i going now!!! as for the lights i am happy with them so far, only niggle is: i dont know weather it just a ford thing but if you look on close up of lights they dont look like they sit right in the spaces. all comments welcome good or bad.
  11. Newbie From North Somerset

    thanks paul :D
  12. Newbie From North Somerset

    nice one thanks mate...... yeh the body work aint to bad could do with a machine polish as looks like previous owner cleaned it with a scourer pad!!!.... needs rear arches doing as they starting to bubble..... and inside needs a shampoo that it really. shall have a look at your guide lists now. cheers again
  13. Newbie From North Somerset

    thanks ..... pics now added to start of post. cheers
  14. Newbie From North Somerset

    thanks..... where do i upload pics of my car???? can i put them in this thread???
  15. My Fiesta Zetec-S

    pics and updates on my Zetec-S