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  1. Not getting too many hits in the Fusion forum, can anyone help please?
  2. Bubbling In Radiator Reservoir When Accelerating

    Ok ive done a search on youtube and found some videos where you can actually hear the water bubbling in the reservior, that is not whats happening for me. When idling there is a flow of coolant coming back into the reservior. When pressing on the gas pedal this flow inreases and the "bubbling" is actually the fliw meeting the water in the tank and churning it up a little. Just wanted to know if any other fusion owners have this hsppening? I can get a video up yltorrow to show yall. Anyway to be safe, where can I get this compression test done, im in sutton coldfield, bham. Thx
  3. Can anyone with a Fusion do this test for me? When upto operating temp, leave the engine running and with the handbrake on press the accelarator, do you get bubbling in the radiator reservoir? I've taken the cap off and only get a bit of hiss... so dont think there is too much pressure in the system, but if anyone could do the above and let me know? 03, 88k. Thanks,
  4. If you look at this picture (not my fusion), its the hose on the bottom right side of the piture, between the engine and the front of the car... http://pictures2.autotrader.co.uk/imgser-uk/servlet/media?id=1880855748 Not sure what it is really needed for as it just sucking air in, which is happening anyway, but best to get it fitted? Cheers,
  5. Hi all, Just been to see this car, its actually got 88k on the clock (not 80k) it seems clean and tidy etc and drives ok, but the price seems a bit low? The guy isnt selling it from his business but his home? He has offered a 3 month warrenty etc but what do you all think? Thanks, http://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201147430233423 whoops meant to put "Fusion" in the title not focus