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  1. Happy Birthday private-adz!

  2. what started out as a good day ended in a !Removed! night :-|

  3. wide awake just finished watching closer to the edge what a mint film glad i bought it on DVD now really makes me miss my motorbike really want one more than anythin now me thinks I'm gonna start saving for another one ready for the summer :-D

  4. just wanted to say happy new year to all my family, friends, loved ones and everyone in 32 sqn hope u have a good one have fun see u soon take care

  5. just want to say happy christmas to everyone all my family, loved ones all my mates and everyone in 32 sqn hope u all have a great day see u all soon :-)

  6. can anybody give me some help or advice how i can put pannels off a focus rs mk7 on a fiesta mk7 to make it look better ive seen a few pictures of fiestas with it done i just wondered how and where you got the parts from as it looks really smart
  7. can't sleep feel R.A.F (rough as !Removed!) trust me me to be ill just before christmas just my luck typical :-|