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  1. Just A Couple Of Random Piccies

    white badges are a nice touch too.
  2. Just A Couple Of Random Piccies

    nice pics mate. white cars always look the business at night, i think its the contrast of shadow and the reflected light. my last car was white, but it was an old vauxhall, so the paint looked more grey when it wasn't hiding behind the dirt lol.
  3. Popping My Posting Cherry :)

    Cheers Danny, couldn't agree more. I know it is a model of Fiesta that has divided opinion, i've seen some posts on here that say it is just a Zetec S dressed up, but if it is, then they did a !Removed! good job dressing it up lol. It's a quality motor, and i'm well happy with it.
  4. Current favourite game.

    Ok, so its not a current tittle, but when i think of my favourite game, it has to be resident evil 2, on the playstation 1. But my favourite game on current platforms would probably be COD MW3. They use cheep tactics to get you hooked, but they work lol.
  5. Wtf Is Up With This Roundabout?!

    It goes to show that the Germans are equal opportunity employers. I thought only us English would higher a blind person to design a round about :) After all, we got a comedian to design the M25.
  6. PS3 or Xbox?

    In terms of technical specs, the PS3 is far better. The processor is alot more powerful, it has a built in Blue-ray player, and as the games are on Blue-ray format and not DVD like XBox, there is 4 or 5 times the size of memory, for more detailed games. However, because the hardware is alot more complex on the PS3, games developers, find it easier to write the games on the XBox's simple format, and then port it over to PS3. Therefore, 90% of games look, and play the same on both formats. The real potential of the PS3's power, is only show in a few PS3 exclusive tittles like the Uncharted series. And although the XBox doesn't have a Blue-ray player built in, you can buy the units separately as add ons. I only own the PS3, and i chose it because I had the first 2 Playstations. However, as an end consumer, now the prices are pretty much identical, there really isn't alot of difference. If you don't have a Blue-ray player, i would 100% say buy the PS3, as you can save alot of money buying one separately. If the Blue-ray player is not an issue, then i would just look at which of the exclusive tittles you would prefer to play, and how the controllers feel. Although looking at the date of the original post, i'm guessing you've already bought and gotten bored with whichever one you chose lol.
  7. Yea, so the tittle says it all. My name is Paul, I'm new to the site, and new to the blue oval. I used to drive a vauxhall (listens for the boo's) lol. I got a new Fiesta Metal in December, and it was money well spent. I was surprised by the level of spec available on the Fiestas, and impressed by the build quality. Who needs to own a house when you have heated leather seats :)