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  1. thanks for that. yes read the manual about the lug.think i have the right tool for the job.http://compare.ebay....sbar&adtype=pla and this adaptor for ford focus.http://www.amazon.co...r/dp/B0035MOQZA would of cost £33 for just the rewind tool from halfrauds and it would not fit without the adaptor apparently
  2. does anybody know if i need a right hand or left hand thread tool? do i need one at all? is there another way to push the piston back in? halfords want £33 for a left hand thread but cant say if its the right one for my car. may be able to get one cheaper off ebay if i know which one i need. cheers ray
  3. Air Con Leak

    i think my leak is coming from where one of the pipes connects to the receiver dryer. will have a proper look at weekend. if my refrigerant has leaked out, there should be no pressure so i could replace the pipes myself.is that right?
  4. Air Con Leak

    would the air con be covered with the 3 months warranty i get with secondhand car? i have had so many problems with it. sick of the car
  5. Air Con Leak

    tried to fill my air con with refrigerant but all it kept doing was auto cycling. put lid back on valve and pulled my hand out to find a yellowish oily substance on my hand. obviously i have a leak on one of the pipes my hand rubbed against but why oil? any ideas on possible cost to repair leaks? i dont really wanna spend a fortune fixing but £150 ish is most i would want to spend. any help would be good.
  6. Whats This Black Box?

    found some fluid on this along the seam at the right side. dont know if its a leak or from somewhere else.dont even know what it is.
  7. Thermostat Problem

    did not replace thermostat in the end. been out in another ford focus diesel and it seems to take as long to warm up as mine does. so gonna hold off for a bit.
  8. Thermostat Problem

    thanks for advice
  9. Thermostat Problem

    fitted a new halfrauds thermostat to my 2004 1.8 tdci 2 weeks ago after developing a leak at the thermostat housing. cured the leak but now the temp does not seem right. it takes about 10 mins(8miles) for the gauge to enter the normal temp range but when i put heater on, it drops right down. the top radiator pipe is hot and coolant is pumping back into the expansion tank. could i have trapped air or a duff thermostat.i did have the front of the car on ramps when i refilled the system with coolant.coud that of trapped air? another thing i noticed was the thermostat in the car did not have an air bleed valve which according the the haynes manual it should of. the new one has. any advice would be much appreciated. cheers ray
  10. Coolant Leak

    nobody had this problem then?! took intercooler off today to get to thermostat housing and there is a leak.not sure if housing is knackered or just an oring. with my luck its the housing which is £98 plus vat from ford. does anyone know of somewhere which i could buy a cheaper housing if thats the problem.gonna check tomorrow as i think i need to put car on ramps cause bottom engine cover needs to come off to get to radiator plug to drain coolant. please feel free to correct me if i am wrong. why do i always get a pig in a poke?lol(and three out of the 4 were fords)
  11. Coolant Leak

    morning, got a leak, only a slow one when i have been on 20 mile trip to work. caught some in a tray and its pink( coolant) have heard there is a common problem with thermostat/housing.is it easy to fit either or both and where exactly are they on the mk1 tdci engine? is a thermostat housing expensive? had nothing but problems with this car since i,ve had it. cheers ray
  12. 2004 Mk1 1.8 Tdci Fuel Warning Light

    think i have solved it with the diagnostics test i found herehttp://www.typetr.co.uk/motoring/ford-focus-tdci/ford-focus-dashboard-diagnostic-test/ fuel light works but battery is only 11.2. heard it should kick out 14 volts.is this true?
  13. where is it? does the actual pic of the fuel pump light up yellow or is it5 a red light above the the handbrake light.have took the needle right down past the empty line and no light came on. had to put diesel in eventually cause i didnt want to empty the tank as i understand that it is a problem with a diesel engine. beginning to think that the bulb may be blown, if so , is it easy to replace? cheers ray
  14. Egr Cleaning

    does it really work?
  15. Glow Plugs

    did not see the glow plugs in the end as i got garage to fit new ford glow plugs for me while the car was being looked at because of sticking handbrake. the plugs i did have were not the correct plugs though. have been in touch with haynes and told them that their info is wrong. they said they would change it for future publications. didnt get my postage money back though :( car started perfect this morning in -10 temp. fecking handbrake still sticking though!!