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  1. zetec521

    1.25 initial throttle responsw

    Mine's happening only in 2nd gear. Never on the 1st, 3rd,etc...My solution: Use the first gear up to 3000rpm before shifting to 2nd, thus gaining more momentum to the car. Flat spot no more.
  2. zetec521

    Amazing little fiesta...(or maybe not?)

    I'm not referring to the 0-100kph in seconds gents :P ...but the driver's top speed which is 205kph. Does a zetec 1.25 really has this capability?
  3. zetec521

    Squeeky Acceleration

    Are you sure it's not the belts that's slipping(alternator,fan belts,etc..)? Very common and sounds similar to a screeching tire. A faulty belt roller/tensioner squeaks too!
  4. zetec521

    2001 Fiesta stiff locks

  5. zetec521

    Engine cuts out

    How about trying to stay in "neutral" when you stop at junctions. I have this problem before (cutting out)..but I soon discovered that the longer I put my foot on the clutch pedal(first gear) while waiting for the green light, the more frequent I cut out at intersections! So just give it a try if it make some difference. I don't know though how it somehow elliminate my problem. Make a report here after you tried it. Just be fast on the gears...or the one behind you will make some nasty honking :-)
  6. zetec521

    2001 Fiesta stiff locks

    W40 B)
  7. zetec521

    Front Screen Wash

    Clean the jet washer with a pin. It is probably blocked.
  8. zetec521

    rear windwcreen washer doesnt work fiesta MK4

    Did you mean the rubber wipers or, the washer spray? If so...just clean the spray noozle with a pin or needle. Ice might have blocked it.
  9. zetec521

    Brakes in the snow!

    If it really did cut out(engine) and you didn't notice it(probably you have the stereo on in way much decibels )..then obviously the brakes would be hard as rock. But as you said that your car's comp have given you a "faulty" report on the brake system...then that's another thing to SERIOUSLY worry.
  10. zetec521

    Focus electric window won't work

    If it won't budge...i.e.,move down, there's a big possibility that it's just frozen. Wait for some sunlight Or...splash some lukewarm water if you're in a hurry and have to use it(say, going inside a parking area in a mall wherein you have to use your side of the window to access entry).
  11. zetec521

    Freaky Window Problem!

    Search for "maxcornelisse" in You Tube. If you have computer geek neighbors...they can throw havoc on electronic gadgets/safety in cars.
  12. zetec521

    2001 X Reg Tyre Pressures?

    Your best bet: 35psi on all tires. If you're loaded...it will suffice. And if you're driving alone...not a problem.
  13. zetec521

    Streaaky Windscreen

    The heaters (vertical or horizontal)functions from the inside. Just leave them "ON" while driving...until front and rearview becomes clear(around 10min). It increases gas consumption though( if you forgot to switch it off). Clearing the mist is achieved faster if you run the fan.