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  1. Ford Focus Diagnostic Software

    Just wondering, did you get chance to find out about the diagnostic software?
  2. Ford Focus Diagnostic Software

    Cheers if you don't mind. Poor fella.
  3. Ford Focus Diagnostic Software

    Hi thanks for the reply. Any chance of finding out it it was from the same source? i'm not planning on recoding anything just yet - but cheers for the warning.
  4. I am after some diagnostic software for the wifes 08 plate focus (sometimes fails to start straight away, engine spins but not fire, pressing accelerator pedal appears to help - no check engine light) Anyways, on the bay of e, spotted this. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Mini-USB-Automatic-ECU-Scan-Ford-VCM-OBD-IDS-Vehicles-Diagnostic-Programmer-/190809622696?pt=UK_Diagnostic_Tools_Equipment&hash=item2c6d23c8a8 Any thoughts on this bit of kit or even the seller. Any bad comments please send a PM. Cheers John
  5. 2008 Focus 1.4 Style Reversing Sensors

    Wiring looks OK to me.
  6. 2008 Focus 1.4 Style Reversing Sensors

    Right. As Reesmew suggested. I put the car in reverse with the engine not running and listened to the each sensor and all bar one is clicking.Maybe more than one click per second. I unplugged the one that isn't clicking but the still the same. What I do get is a long beep when going into reverse for the first time.. Does the reversing system need all sensors to connected for the system to work ? I would rather not fit an after-market system as we paid good money to have a factory fit system.
  7. 2008 Focus 1.4 Style Reversing Sensors

    Right, finally managed to get the car off the wife.Found the module., Drivers side in the boot is the module. Can this be tested in some way? Does anyone have a wiring diagram for the module?
  8. The wife has a 1400cc Focus style 2008 model and the reverse sensors have stopped working. Sometimes they would beep when nothing was near other times they would be fine and then recently when you selected reverse you got a beep and now nothing at all. My first thought was bad sensor and or wiring? but not sure where to start hunting. Ideas people please. Thanks john
  9. 2008 Focus 1.4 Style Not Starting

    I have removed the water just in case. Will see how it goes with the car.
  10. 2008 Focus 1.4 Style Not Starting

    Update. Checked the battery voltage using the dash board trick and the voltage was 12.1. Checked the battery voltage with a meter and showed 11.9v When cranking the lowest I saw the voltage was 9.x V. Out with the jump leads again. With my jump leads connected I was still only getting 12.03 volts at the battery and not 14v that was on the main LR battery. A quick fiddle with the leads the voltage on the Focus battery went up to 14v. So did the dash boards trick again and that show 13.9v. Cranked it over and the engine sounded like it want to start, so dipped the accelerator pedal and cranked again, engine coughed into life, sounded a little lumpy and some smoke came out the exhaust (un burnt fuel?, certainly smelled like it). Gave the car a few more revs and held it at 3900rpm,. smoke cleared and then let it idle. Engine ran smooth. Turned off the engine and did a dash check and that showed battery of 12.9v and no DTCs :-) Tried restarting and engine fire up the first time. I also notice that there was some water that had pooled in the trough where the spark plug rubber caps are. So in short a bad battery, ECU seeing low voltage and not allowing engine to start ?
  11. 2008 Focus 1.4 Style Not Starting

    I can hear the fuel pump prime and stop, same as normal.
  12. 2008 Focus 1.4 Style Not Starting

    The cam belt was outside thought. I am more with a lack of spark issue or fuel/ What's the best pipe to remove to check fuel delivery ?
  13. 2008 Focus 1.4 Style Not Starting

    Yes the engine is still turning over on the starter.
  14. 2008 Focus 1.4 Style Not Starting

    Yes that's without the engine running. Tomorrow my plan is remove timing belt cover just in case. check for a spark do the test again and see what voltage is shown and then hook up the jump leads and see what's shown Ring the Ford garage and talk nicely to them and see what they say and then maybe call out the RAC as we have home start.