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  1. Just serviced, few "recommendations" :(

    Yeah i thought as much, messaged a local guy who does it all out the back of his van, ordered some chrome indicator bulbs also :)
  2. Just had the car serviced (Anyone in that needs one check on Fords website and they are offering servicing for £118) and they have noted the following; OS Inner Cv boot split & leaking grease & Slight Oil leak from OS driveshaft seal Quoted me around £250 for each issue, seems a tad excessive to me? Also my rear indicator bulbs are "showing white" so i need to find which bulbs i need for those. Lastly my 3 week old disks are showing surface corrosion..... Not exactly any major issues, but £500 for 2 small leaks seems way to expensive.
  3. Sat nav saying "No GPS" 2011 Focus

    Replacing with the one above solved my issues :) just swapped the adapter under the aerial and job was a good'un cheers guys :)
  4. Sat nav saying "No GPS" 2011 Focus

    Just bought this one
  5. Sat nav saying "No GPS" 2011 Focus

    Just had the antennae off, and it looks like the following 2 pics, no real damage/corrosion though chip looks orange around one of the capacitors not sure if that's normal though
  6. Sat nav saying "No GPS" 2011 Focus

    And the issue is back :( i did try an after market fakra one but it still said No GPS which makes me think maybe the headunit?
  7. Sat nav saying "No GPS" 2011 Focus

    Just to give an update on this, reseated everything - not working, used a new fakra aerial - Not working Swore lots - Not working Unplugged battery as i was really annoyed - Fixed :D God knows why its now working but it is :)
  8. Afternoon :) My 2011 (Mk3) Focus has now started saying "No GPS" on the screen, anyone have any ideas what may be causing this? I have seen a few threads about the aerial being corroded, so i may have to take this apart. For the first check i reseated all the cables in the back of the stereo but this didnt help. Every now and then it will start working again, just getting annoying now however. I did buy this but even when plugged directly into the back of the stereo i have the same issue. Starting to lose the will to live now with this, any ideas? Cheers
  9. Software Updates

    Bxxxxx, i think i bought the touch screen version :(
  10. Ford Focus 1.6 Titanium X

    Sorry, i mean in addition to standard titanium x spec.
  11. Ford Focus 1.6 Titanium X

    Don't all Titanium X's come with those?
  12. Ford Focus 1.6 Titanium X

    Hi Guys, Long time since I have posted on here, I use to have a Focus 2.0 TDCI Titanium 2008 model. Retrofitted bluetooth to that etc. I am looking at the above, and was wondering the differences in options that could be selected with the Titanium X. My budget is about 10k, I would ideally like a low mileage one. Mainly the only difference in the Titanium X models i have seen is Nav.....Is there much more? Cheers Dave
  13. Happy Birthday DaveRushton!

  14. Bluetooth Retro Install Problems On 59 Plate

    I would check all the connections, also check on your phone that its setting to go through the radio!
  15. Which Tyres?

    Thanks for all the replys ill pop down tomoz after the car is serviced.....again :(