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  1. Hello Ford Owners

    cheers all so far...
  2. Dtc Error Codes

    Hi, my daughters 04 petrol 1.4 Fiesta has a few DTC error codes come up... She mentioned the other day that the EM Lt had come on and it was running rough, initially thought it was the Coilpack as similar fault to a few years ago. Anyway, got round to checking it and the EM light not on no more but only noticed that in 5th at about 50mph it hesitates when you try to accelerate. hooked up a code reader and it has 3 faults? p0404 exh gas recirculation control circuit range p0500 vehicle speed sensor A u0155 lost comms with IPC control mod anyone have any ideas please? I thought it could be a bad spark plug or fuel? She had just filled up the day before in Tescos... it does need a full service btw... ;) !!
  3. Hello Ford Owners

    Hi, I am a Skoda owner coming in peace! after info about my daughters 04 Fiesta 1.4 with DTC error codes