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  1. Thanks Marty, I gave it a good run earlier and had it plugged in and performed a Static DPF regeneration But the sheer amount of black smoke has me worried, any suggestions ?
  2. Hi, Having a problem with my 2006 1.6tdci Ford Focus I am getting the following error, Code: P2458 - Diesel Particulate Filter Regeneration Duration Any ideas on how to fix this, I assume the large quantity of black smoke coming from my exhaust has something to do with this ? Thanks
  3. Hi I havehad a long list of problems on in my 2006 Focus Initiallythe turbo had went, this was fixed with a new cartridge and variable vane unit, and working well Power had went after a day or so, this was traced to be a problem with the Air Flow Metre, this was again replaced and working well I drove the car for 5miles and then the car got a error 'Engine Systems Fault' and down in power after pluggingthe car into the laptop it is pointing the error to be the Diesel Particle Filter I attempted to perform a drive to regenerate the DPF, after 30mins with no joy I packed it in, in a previous car a error light in the dash idicated when the DPF was operating correctly. Any idea ?
  4. Thanks for the reply gurcayy, sorry I though the picture was in post see below or ( can this pipe be plastic welded or should i get a replacement, roughly how much would one cost Thanks
  5. Hi, My 2006 1.6tdci Focus' turbo recently failed, and I have replaced the cartridge within the turbo and have cleaned up the veins also, this part seems to be working fine. But the car is still not performing correct and their is notable power loss still, after inspection we noticed that one off the intercooler pipes had a hole in it, see attached photo should replacing this pipe solve my problem, and also cannot see any of these pipes online, any ideas where to source one [3M51 6C646 W]
  6. I have taken the car to my mechanic and he has told me about a cartridge for the turbo, I have ordered one of these and hopefully this will do a good job
  7. Hi my turbo stopped working the other day, no smoke or anything, just the loss of power there is now a noise (metal rattling noise) and no power I have been told this kit of ebay ( could be used to repair the turbo, has anyone any experience is using such a kit ? or have any other recommendations thanks
  8. Yes, does sound like the blowers are coming on... had a brief look around the pipes but they seem fine, any specific pipes to look at ? No no extra smoke to indicate burning more diesel, still get average MPG too.. Thanks for your help John
  9. Hi, I have a MK2 Ford Focus 1.6 tdci, with 104k on the clock. I have recently developed a problem, when I am driving and approach 2k revs I would hear a whistling/suction noise. This is continuous as long as you are driving, what would cause this. I fear that this is the turbo on its last legs, but the car still has power. Thanks
  10. @ Stoney871 thanks for the links to the pre primed parts, think I will use these and get the side trims sprayed by a professional. Wouldn't be a big chrome person so wont be going near any chrome parts, thanks anyway. @james132 this was done by the previous owner, its a good job, there are a few stone chips but noting serious, makes the car look far better so defiantly worth it.
  11. Hi, I am looking to get my black strips on the side of my focus colour coded, as well as the rear bump strip and front fog lights Would this be a big job for me to take on myself or would I be best to take it to a pro ? Another thing is can the side strips be removed all together ? Thanks