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  1. Tinted Windows

    are they easy to replace
  2. 2008 Ford C Max tinted rear windows required.
  3. Firmware / Mapping Disc

    The ones I bought look more original than those but thanks anyway. I think I need original Ford ones and not copies. Hopefully someone may come forward with some????
  4. Hi all, does anyone have an original Ford firmware disc for the denso satnav (2006 Mondeo ST220 with 7inch touchscreen), my system has shut down and requires rebooting. I still have the old original 2005 mapping disc which ill continue to use but after rebooting is complete. Id appreciate help or a lend of the disc so I don't get ripped off by Ford. Thanks in advance.
  5. Satnav

    Tried disconnecting the battery for a couple of mins but still no joy, does anyone have an original ford disc I could borrow?
  6. Satnav

    yeah i was afraid this may be the case, I bought them from a website called www.satnaviupdates.net. Seemed ok and the transaction was via paypal etc. I have since complained to them and they refunded me, I still have both discs. They never asked for them to be returned.
  7. Satnav

    good idea ill try that mate, just wondered if anyone else has had this problem
  8. Satnav

    I recently purchased a new firmware and mapping update disc for my ford denso satnav, however after attempting to upgrade using the discs, the entire system wont turn on now (even with the old mapping disc back in). I have use of the climate control buttons around the outside of the satnav but nothing but a blank screen, no radio/CD, nothing. I would really appreciate some assistance. Thanks in advance.